Groat in the sack

Groat tells how to tackle the swingin’ 20s

By Jeff Groat [lifestyle bureau chief]

Dear Groat in the Sack:

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years. We have great sex and are very open with each other–but after years of role-playing, shower sex, dirty talking among other things that shall go nameless, we’re ready for a new challenge. We’ve considered fetish clubs, swingers’ parties and brothels in general but all of these avenues seem to be for-–ahem–older (and generally less attractive) people. Where can a young, decently attractive couple find a place to swing?
-Famished for Fetish

Dear FFF:

MY HOUSE! I’m sorry, that’s not very professional of me. Let’s talk.

So let me get this straight. You and your boyfriend already have great sex. You role-play, you have sex in the shower, you dirty talk – I’m wondering what else you do that could possibly go nameless. Not that I’m a downright prude, but when you’re talking about sexual liberation and having free-run of the bedroom, I think you guys have it covered.

Sure, we can discuss places to go to from here, but let’s be honest – most people would kill for that kind of sex-life.

You want variety? Go to a swingers’ club and fuck some old (and generally less attractive) folks for a change. Get wrinkly. Get some grey power.

Isn’t that why these clubs exist in the first place anyway? People ran out of things to do at home.

It’s called networking – get out there and meet people.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find another eager (and younger) couple looking to mix it up.


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