Going green between the sheets

By Catherine Thompson

Kwantlen students of the world, it is time to get it on a la Marvin Gaye while giving some love to the environment. Embrace the world of “Sexual Healing” where cherished bedroom toys like “disco sticks” and flavoured condoms can be eco-friendly as well as fun. Talk about having your muffin and eating it, too.

For the ladies:
Ban those batteries! If you need some pleasure, don’t resort to those outdated, battery-sucking vibrators. Crank your personal sex life up a notch with a battery-less, hand-crank Earth Angel vibrator. Four minutes of cranking gets you 30 minutes of vibrating bliss.

But if that doesn’t light your loins, opt for toxin-free choices like the Jimmy Jane vibrator, which is free of nasty chemicals such as phthalates, a common additive to vibrators for softening hard plastic.

To go especially green, take it a step further and harness the energy of good ol’ Mr. Sun: I’m talking about solar powered vibrators. The company Libidia offers an eco-chic vibrator that runs off nothing but pure sunshine.

Five hours recharging under the sun gives you over two hours–plenty of time to put it to good use.

If thoughts of Cinderella’s glass slippers get you all hot and bothered, glass dildos will be the ones for you. Glass dildos are composed of Pyrex glass, not rubber or plastic.However durable they may be, it may require you to tone down the kink as nothing spoils the mood more than cleaning up broken glass.

For the couples:
You both love one another. You also both love sex. But it doesn’t get you so hot thinking about your well-used Durex and Trojan rubbers hanging around the landfill for thousands of years.

The eco-solution?

Grab some Glyde condoms next time you get your sexy on. Glyde condoms are vegan approved and have not been tested on animals. You won’t even have to sacrifice fun for the sake of environmentalism, because Glyde condoms come in five delicious flavours. Steer clear of companies promising biodegradable condoms. While some condoms, like lambskin condoms, are genuinely biodegradable, they don’t protect against STIs and other unappetizing ailments below the belt. And that is neither sexy nor sustainable.

As for my recommendations for ultra-environmentally-friendly, organic lubricants: save the money and D.I.Y.

A Cheap and Easy Lube Recipe:

1. Purchase a 1-lb. bag of organic flax seeds. Rinse 1 cup of the seeds in warm water before proceeding with the recipe to remove any dust or dirt.
2. Boil 6 cups of distilled or filtered tap water.
3. Pour 1 cup of the flax seeds into the boiling water, reduce the heat and allow the seeds to simmer for 6 minutes.
4. Turn off the heat, cover the pot and allow the mixture sit for another 6 minutes to infuse.
5. Strain the liquid, discard the flax seeds and bottle the lubricant in a sterile container.

Now go forth, Kwantlen environmental crusaders, and have a roll in the hay.


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