Kwantlen golf clinic was a swinging success

By Zoë Ducklow

Kwantlen Polytechnic University golf coach Keith Westover is promoting recreational golf with instructional clinics for beginners.

The most recent clinic was held on May 12 in the Surrey gym. Westover provided instruction, explanation, personal pointers and plenty of practice to participants.

“The purpose of these clinics is to promote golf as a recreational activity at Kwantlen,” said Westover.

Kwantlen golf coach Keith Westover helps some golf students with their swing during his tutorial in the Surrey campus gym on May 12. Zoë Ducklow/The Runner

By the end of the clinic, Coach Westover had participants sweating and grunting as golf-sized wiffle balls littered the gym floor.

Westover taught swing techniques step by step, and gave each participant individual feedback.

“A good swing does not guarantee a good shot, but it sure helps,” said Westover.

Also included were stretches dubbed “golf yoga” and exercises to improve posture.

His first tip for beginners is to “hit the back of the ball with the front of the club.” It sounds straightforward enough, but makes sense considering the goal of most beginners is to simply make contact.

Most participants in this clinic were beyond this level, but benefited from posture and swing coaching that will help them achieve the second goal of new golfers; to keep the ball going straight.

The Eagles’ golf coach is passionate about the many benefits recreational golf offers and hopes to develop a golf society at Kwantlen one day.

“It’s hard to find an unpleasant person on the course,” he said referring to the social aspect of the game.

Among other benefits is the exercise and enjoyment from walking the course.

Westover’s number one pet peeve is golf carts.

“The original purpose of the carts was to make golf available for those who are unable to walk such long distances, but too often you see the young guys using carts while the seventy-year-olds are walking.

A similar level of instruction at a golf course would run participants upwards of $30. Westover only charged $10 for the 90-minute lesson.

The next clinic is scheduled for June 15 at the Kwantlen Horticultural Field Lab in Langley from 4:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

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