Horrible Bosses plays out fantasy justice

By Kristi Alexandra
[culture editor] 

Grade: A

In a hate-my-fucking-job, heist-like, endlessly entertaining film like Horrible Bosses, one can’t help but draw similarities to movies like Office Space or Pineapple Express.

Starring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day as three average joes who can’t stand their bosses, the guys jokingly conspire to “take care of them” over drinks.

An over-worked Bateman, who answers to a malign prick played by Kevin Spacey, loses a well-deserved promotion and resolves to exact revenge. The audience is in for a surprise as we find out that Spacey is an unrelenting psychopath with a vendetta against all men who look at his wife.

Day, an endearingly dorky dental assistant, is sexually harassed by his dentist, played by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston, who vamps it up Elvira-style, plays her conniving, nymphomaniacal character seamlessly.

Then there’s Sudekis, the most ballsy of the group, but who is still struggling for fair treatment after his late boss’ coke-head son takes over the business. Colin Farell plays the balding, drug-addict son who moves Sudekis to “cut the fat” of the company, and aims to fire the overweight and unattractive staff members.

Hilarity ensues as each storyline gets tangled in the others, creating a slap-stick string of events that will undoubtedly have you on the edge of your seat.

The flick gets extra points for its bad-ass soundtrack featuring The Heavy.


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