Rainbow your way through fall

By Sana Sohel

The sky might be grey, but that’s no reason to dull down your wardrobe.

Following last spring, rainbow colored denim is hitting the streets this fall – something to brighten the rainy days ahead. The bright or washed out colors add a colorful spin to the wardrobe, and contrary to any beliefs, any one can pull it off. Its simple enough – the colors don’t require much fuss and can be paired with almost anything.

While some stores carry various cuts, skinnies have proven to be the most popular – and look adorably cute paired with heeled booties.

Here is a little “how to” to help you wear colored jeans without going back in time.

How to wear and pair colored jeans:

Right Fit  Always pick the jean that fits you right aka flatters your body.

Layer Up  A simple striped tee with a dark blazer gives off a classy look. You can also pair them with sweaters and tees. Printed shirts look best.

Shoes  Go with browns, blacks, or nudes. Keep them simple. Booties and flats look best.

Stylize your jeans  You can cuff them up slightly, or tuck the skinnies into your booties. For flares, try high-heeled booties or flats.

Pick Neutral: The jeans are going to be the focal point of your outfit – hence pick neutrals for your top. If you’re pairing it with a blazer, you cant go wrong with grey or black.

Accessorize: The most important step of any outfit – try pairing them with belts, earrings, or scarves to accentuate your look. You can either mix and match between the color of your jeans and your top, or pick classic colors that go with your outfit.

Shop Guide

Zara offers a good range of colored denim – they have the washed out colors as well as the bright colors and are priced from $40 – $50 or higher. Forever 21 offers some colors, starting from $30. Holt Renfrew carries a decent collection and offers a bit more in cut and color, starting from $100 and up.  And of course Levi’s offers a good array of colors, for both men and women.



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