Lion King 3D redux roarin’ great

By Marco Horna

To see The Lion King in theatres again, was an experience I thought I would never have. The movie, now 17 years old, is still every bit as good as it was in 1994.

Disney submitted photo.

So for those who didn’t see it in 1994, the movie is about an evil lion named Scar (Jeremy Irons) who kills his brother Mufasa (James Earl Jones) to become king of the Pride Lands. Scar then tricks his nephew Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) into exile (with the hopes of killing him) by telling him Mufasa’s death was his fault.

After coming face to face with the ghost of his dead father, a now adult Simba (now Matthew Broderick) must return to the Pridelands and take his place in the Great Circle of Life.  Watching this movie again was a nostalgia explosion. The plot is well written, and borrows several elements from the classic Shakespearean play Hamlet. The movie combines light hearted comedy, with its more serious plot and both sides get great moments.

The cast itself is filled with the amazing voice talents of James Earl Jones (who did the voice of Darth Vader), Matthew Broderick (who played Ferris Bueller), and Whoopi Goldberg (who played Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act) to name a few. However, the music is what really sells this movie; scored by Elton John, you’ll find yourself humming the songs long after the movie. So what about the 3D? While not many scenes are in 3D, the 3D adds a nice layer of depth to the 2D cell drawings. While there are a few plot holes in the movie and Scar becomes less interesting in the third act, The Lion King 3D is a fun time for all and I highly recommend you go see this movie in theatres or on Netflix.


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