Hanson heads to the Vogue

Jacob Zinn

The Hanson brothers started making music in the Middle of Nowhere, and 20 years later, they’re performing in Vancouver on their world tour.

The Oklahoma trio are set to perform an all-ages show at the Vogue Theatre next Monday, still touring on their eighth studio record, 2010’s Shout It Out.

With Taylor on piano and keyboards, Isaac on guitar, Zac on drums and all three of them on vocals, not much has changed with the line-up. However, they’ve matured since their mainstream success in the ‘90s, playing a more refined and just-as-catchy blend of contemporary pop-rock with elements of soul and R&B.

New singles like “Thinking ‘Bout Something” and “Give a Little” both have a twist-and-shout groove akin to the Blues Brothers.

They’ve also grown up outside the music industry: all three of them are married (sorry, girls) with children.

But even though Zac isn’t a goofy teenager and Taylor’s a taken heartthrob, the band is sure to play popular songs off previous albums. (You’re humming it in your head already.)

Recent hits like “Great Divide” and “Go” from 2007’s The Walk could be in the set, but fans may lean toward older ones like Underneath’s “Penny & Me” and This Time Around’s “If Only”.

Of course, the upbeat classics like “Where’s the Love?” and “Man from Milwaukee” will get fans on their feet in the 1,144-seater venue, and they’ll stay standing through slower songs like “Weird” and “I Will Come to You”.

And they’re sure to play their signature song – you know the one.

Hanson MMMBop down to the Vogue Theatre for an all-ages concert on Monday, Jan. 23. Tickets are on sale through the Vogue Theatre box office and online at www.voguetheatre.com for $35.00.


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