Classic menswear goes feminine

By Laura Collins

Pairing a simple men's denim shirt with a leather belt is just one way to feminize this classic look. (Mitch Thompson/The Runner)

Simple, elegant and sophisticated — the men’s button up shirt has become a staple item in women’s closets.

This style of shirt never fails in making men look smart and sexy. Worn with jeans or dress pants, perhaps even a tie and you’ve got yourself one handsome man.

Naturally, women saw this effortless look and picked it up for themselves. However, to feminize the look, you might want to exclude the tie.

A versatile item, this shirt looks great tucked in to skinny jeans.

Let the shirt bellow out from the waist of the pants a bit, making the look seamless. Add a thick leather belt to complete this take on the men’s shirt.

Pair this outfit with peep-toe pumps. Go bold with turquoise or red heels if your button-up shirt is white, or throw on some neutral patent pumps if you are sporting a brighter shirt.

If you’re feeling comfort, then pair this men’s style shirt with leggings and over-the-knee leather boots.

Don’t tuck the shirt in, as it will make the leggings all bunchy. Instead, let the shirt hang down, adding a belt to showcase your waist.

Unbutton the sleeves, rolling them up a couple times and adding chunky bracelets to the mix.

Keep your eye out for button-up shirts in dress form. As it gets closer to spring, these will be popping up everywhere.

Again, pair this option with a belt on your waistline.

If you are wearing this dress to the beach, then buckle up your gladiator sandals and let your hair hang down.

Going out for drinks with the girls? Then search your shoe closet for thick-heeled pumps.

Throw your hair into a high bun or ponytail and include big, dangly earrings.

Make sure when you are looking for a button-up shirt that it is not too baggy.

You want some give for comfort and style, but you don’t want to drown yourself in fabric. Look for light materials like linen and silk, veering away from flannel shirts.

Women are constantly borrowing styles from men, but the key is to add femininity and personality to the look. You don’t want it to look like you rolled out of bed and threw on your boyfriend’s shirt.

Customize the look and play around with this classic to make it your own.


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