Spring cravings

By Laura Collins

Reflect the vibrance of Spring in your wardrobe by donning solid, bright colours. Mitch Thompson/The Runner.

Spring is creeping up on us, and to get ready it’s time to stock up on some bright pieces.

Be prepared for vibrant colours.

This year, variations of light blues, fuchsia and florescent yellow appeared on the spring runways. Bright colours can be intimidating, but pairing them with the right accents and learning how to avoid going colour-overboard can help make the transition from winter to spring much easier –– so take out your colour wheel and start creating an outfit.

Start by going minimal, adding colour through eye make-up or a flashy nail-polish to ease into spring. This simple act can get your creativity flowing.

If you’re a novice at colour pairing, then veer away from wearing head-to-toe colour. Go for one strong, bright piece, mixing in neutrals to help ground the outfit. Black is classic, but you can also try camel browns for those sunnier days.

Monochromatic is hot this spring, so keep your eye out for pieces with one colour tone.

Be careful with this, as an entirely orange outfit can be a little overpowering. It’s better to stick to one great solid piece, working the rest of your outfit around that.

A solid purple dress is sure to get you some attention, paired with neutral patent pumps and some of your favourite jewellery to complete this look.

Colour adds personality, and a lot of it, but you still want to keep your ensemble interesting.

Play with texture to add depth to your look. You’ll want to look for lighter fabrics as the weather warms up, so choose silks, sheers and cotton.

Don’t ignore style when you’re on the hunt for colour.

Flowy pieces are great for spring, as they emanate an airy quality.

A tight bodice dress with bellowed sleeves is fantastic. Try a long-sleeved shirt that is looser in the torso and tapers down at the seam on your waist.

Even give a solid a-line skirt a try with patterned black nylons underneath, keeping your legs warmer in those chilly spring breezes.

With the sun peaking through and school coming to a close, spring is an exciting time. Transfer that excitement into some colourful outfits this year, expressing your happiness for the change in season.


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