Wrath of the Titans shows epic battles

By Sana Sohel

(Center) SAM WORTHINGTON as Perseus in a scene from Warner Bros. Pictures™ and Legendary Pictures action adventure WRATH OF THE TITANS,€ a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Get your 3-D glasses ready, as the gods and demigods prepare to fight the battle of their lifetime.

On March 30, Wrath of the Titans — sequel to Clash of the Titans, featuring  Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson, and directed by Jonathan Liebesman — hits theatres.

The movie centers on “Perseus (Worthington) — the demigod son of Zeus (Neeson) —  attempting to live quietly as a village fisherman and the sole parent to his 10-year-old son, Helius.”

However, “unbeknownst to [him], a struggle for supremacy has been raging between the gods,” and before he knows it, he is struggling to save his father from the wrath of his brother, Hades and son, Ares.

To make matters worse, all “hell is unleashed on earth” as the Titans are released.

“It’s an amazing adventure that takes Perseus to places no mortal has been before and pits him against enemies the likes of which no man has ever faced,” states director Jonathan Liebesman.

“The reason Greek mythology is so timeless is because it’s full of classic archetypes, as well as tragedy, comedy, betrayal, revenge. It’s got it all and it is part of our collective culture. Everyone knows Zeus and Hades; everyone knows what the Underworld is.”

As expected, Ralph Fiennes fulfills the role of evil Hades, and adds, “I’ve always thought of the Greek gods as projections of human appetites and desires, especially when you think of our desire for immortality, eternal strength, eternal beauty and power. We can’t have those things, so we create these larger-than-life characters and fantastical stories.”

The movie further redefines the relationships between Perseus and Zeus, and between Zeus and Hades. “Jonathan was very intent on redefining the relationship between the gods, particularly Hades and Zeus,” says Fiennes.

“They’ve always had a difficult history, but this time it’s really coming to a head.”

The Greek Mythology is a hundred years old, and recreating that has its challenges, but the actors welcomed them and embraced the personalities of the gods to recreate that fantasy.

“Zeus realizes that the gods are weaker because it is time for humans to be strong,” Neeson explains.

“He sees the rightness of that, he understands this new world order, and he’s okay with it. Unfortunately, he’s unable to convince Hades, and his benevolence toward mortals leaves him open to his brother’s old tricks.”

The movie promises a profusion of action scenes, and heaps of fun, as Zeus and Hades fight it out with their sons following the lead.


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