Kwantlen students step up to meet volunteer challenge

Four reasons why every student should volunteer.

By Sana Sohel

Eager and motivated students signed up to volunteer for four local charities and successfully met the 100 Volunteers Challenge at Kwantlen Polytechnic University on Sept. 14 and 15.

“Some of the many benefits of volunteering include gaining greater self-awareness – your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses,” said Theresa Voorsluys, program assistant at Kwantlen’s Student Leadership and Development department.

“It can help you gain experience and also voices to future employers that you have a good attitude – it is more than money that motivates you to get a job done.”

Students who participated were presented with an eye-opening opportunity to experience the community they live in by being part of the Surrey Food Bank, the Sharing Farm in Richmond, Partners in Parks and the Langley Environmental Protection Society. Each organization benefited from the students’ contributions.

“People need to consider volunteering like they would a job. Find out what these organizations will be asking you to do, how long they need a commitment, what benefits they offer, and what skills you may need to come in with.”

Here are four reasons why students should consider volunteering important:

1. Polishing your skills:

Volunteering presents students with an opportunity to exercise or gain new skills. Leadership, organization skills are the two skills that students have been able to use in achieving academic and social success.

2. Connecting with the community:

Reaching out to the community is extremely important and volunteering helps presents a chance to gain awareness of the issues surrounding our environment. Students are able to connect with others and increase their societal connections.

3. Framing your future:

There is no doubt that volunteering will assist students in getting better jobs and also placing them one step ahead of their contenders. Employers and even universities appreciate students who venture their time for the betterment of society or a community.

4. Sensing self-accomplishment:

Feeling a sense of self-accomplishment is perhaps the greatest reward for volunteering. Volunteering presents students to approach their personal goals and dreams and volunteer in a setting that helps them achieve something for themselves.


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