Which KSA candidates deserve your vote

The Runner’s editorial take on the best, the worst, and the rest.

By The Runner

Since almost all of the KSA election races aren’t contested, you’ll be asked to vote yes or no in most cases.

Based on our interviews with them, The Runner has divided the candidates into three groups: those who deserve yes votes, those who deserve no votes and those who don’t really deserve your vote, but are better than no one at all.

The only contested race is between Ming Li and Jasmine Kaur Sudhan for international students representative. Our vote goes to Sudhan, who, although green, has demonstrated a passion for international issues. Li, however, has been completely silent and invisible during her first term on council.

Candidates who deserve yes votes:

Luk, Hosein, and Bige have been strong advocates for social justice. Campbell brings a strong measure of institutional memory to the table. Mckee and Kheslat both have strong ideas about representing student voices. Kwong needs direction, but we think she will come into her own.

Morgan Mckee (Business faculty)
Jennifer Campbell (Langley campus)
Chanel Kwong (Academic & career faculty)
Ahmad Kheslat (Mature students)
Lydia Luk (Queer students)
Richard Hosein (Students of colour)
Melinda Bige (Aboriginal students)

Candidates who deserve no votes:

Raja has polarized the current council and was disciplined for his misconduct. He is not a worthy choice in our opinion. Xu has been absent for most of his current term and has brought nothing to the table.

Yasir Raja (Business faculty)
Jun Tao (Davis) Xu (Richmond campus)

Candidates who don’t really deserve your vote, but are better than no one at all:

These seven are a combination of newbies who lack the experience to make effective change and incumbents who have made little difference during their first terms. That said, someone is better than no one in these cases.

Kirpanpreet Dhillon (Surrey campus)
Andrew Yergatian (Science/horticulture faculty)
Samantha Klassen (Arts faculty)
Fatima Zaidi (Arts faculty)
Gaurav Kumar (Business faculty)
Michelle Brewer (Arts faculty)
Kayla England (Arts faculty)


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