Fashion Frenzy: Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas; English major

“Somebody once told me that I look like a race car driver on his day off.”

(Mark Stewart/The Runner)

(Mark Stewart/The Runner)

(Mark Stewart/The Runner)

Runner: Where do you purchase most of your clothes?
Greg: Honestly, Winners and Joe Fresh. I also try and get t-shirts from bands and companies that I like.

R: Where does your fashion inspiration come from?
G: Again my fashion choices come from the bands and business I like and want to support.

R: What is your favourite article of clothing that you are wearing today?
G: It would have to be my t-shirt: it’s my favourite band, Tame Impala, plus I like the jellyfish and the psychedelic look it has. My shoes are also my favourite. I only wear white Converse.


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