Jeremy Fisher rocks the Fox Cabaret

Singer-songwriter brings melody and humor to Vancouver venue.

By Yaunna Sommersby
[social media specialist]

Vancouver’s stormy weather was not going to rain on Jeremy Fisher’s parade when he was set to perform at the Fox Cabaret on Oct. 25. Despite the rain, the Canadian singer-songwriter put on an excellent show that left his crowd soaking wet and wanting more.

Edmonton-based singer-songwriter Joe Nolan opened the show with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”, followed by several of his original songs. Nolan is extremely talented with playing both an electric and acoustic guitar, and his performance came across as very raw. Nolan’s raspy vocals worked well both with Springsteen’s tune and Nolan’s own original music. His songs told unique, emotional stories, and it was clear that each lyric was carefully chosen during the writing process. Nolan used jokes and anecdotes between his songs to connect with the crowd, which helped set the tone for the rest of the night.

After a short break, Fisher, drummer Ryan Granville-Martin, and bass guitarist Matt Ouimet came out on stage. After Nolan’s more emotional songs, it felt like the audience needed a boost of energy, which the new act delivered. Fisher and his band mates started playing right away and opened with “Uh-Oh”, one of Fisher’s songs from his newest album, The Lemon Squeeze. Starting with this song was a smart choice, as it added a boost of positive energy and excitement to the room. From there, they played a solid mixture of Fisher’s newer and older songs, which showcased his range of musical style and talents. Fisher got to show off his musical range by playing the guitar, piano and harmonica throughout the night. Granville-Martin and Ouimet provided solid support for Fisher, playing drums and bass along with singing back-up vocals during certain songs.

Fisher also used jokes and anecdotes to warm up the crowd, and explained the stories behind some of his songs. Throughout the night they joked about robots, peeing in alleyways, waterfalls and pie. Sharing the stories behind his songs allowed the audience to understand the deeper and more personal aspects of his music.

One particular story was his inspiration for the song “Lemon Meringue Pie”, which came to him after he and a roommate attempted to make one, with disastrous results. Fisher’s roommate now has two children and is happily married. Her husband recently contacted Fisher and asked if he would be willing to perform “Lemon Meringue Pie” for their 10th anniversary, which meant that Fisher and his band had to relearn the song and they now perform it on tour.

The Fox Cabaret, a smaller venue, made the show feel quite personal and organic, creating a spirited atmosphere. However, Fisher should be performing at larger venues so more people can enjoy his charismatic and talent-filled performances. Fisher’s performance kept the audience laughing, singing, and dancing until the very last note.


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