Be Cool This Winter Break

Relief from the cold…and from exam season.
By Daniella Javier

At this point in the semester you’re probably in desperate need of a nap, coffee, or “drink,” especially after exams and final assignments. Luckily it’s that time of year again, where you can enjoy some down time. That’s right, KPU students—it’s winter break! Whether you want to go out or simply lounge in a comfy chair and watch Netflix, it’s time to relax and unwind. Just for you, The Runner has compiled a guide of things to check out over the winter break.

Bright Lights in Stanley Park

If you’re someone that loves gazing at tons of Christmas lights, the Bright Lights Christmas Train will give you a great opportunity to see all the lights and displays surrounding Stanley Park. Just the thought of seeing all the twinkling lights around the park at night is beautiful, isn’t it? If you can’t go in the evening, there are also matinees, but the evenings would probably give you a better view of the different lights. Plus, going on a ride like this is like going to a matinee show . . . it’s not the same. And sure, you’ll be able to view the displays at the Train Plaza, but you might as well be spontaneous and take the 14-minute train ride for fun! You’ve got till Jan.4, 2015 to hop on this train.

Cloverdale’s 17th Annual Winter Ice Palace

Skating in an ice palace sounds pretty cool. While you won’t be in an actual ice palace like Elsa from Frozen, you will be able to see what one is like at the Cloverdale Arena. In fact, it will be transformed into an ice palace over the entire winter break. Some of you may not skate, but you don’t really need to worry about that because there’s always handlebars. And yes, it’s okay to admit that you still need them on the ice.

Art Club Theatre Company’s A Twisted Christmas Carol

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas!” like a classic Christmas tale! We’ve all seen and heard many different versions of the classic Christmas carol about Ebenezer Scrooge and really, it’s been done a lot! You may be puzzled about why you should see yet another version of the tale about Mr.Scrooge, but you should expect more from this one! The Georgia Straight claims,“You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen Helen Keller as the Ghost of Christmas Past.” This improv version of the classic carol won’t make you cry, but it will make you laugh, which is a good thing because you don’t need to be saddened after completing exams. They don’t call this a holiday anti-classic for nothing.

Vancouver’s Christmas Market

Get your six senses ready because the fourth annual Christmas market is back. Whether you’re looking to purchase gifts for your family and friends, or simply eat yummy goods (there’s no shame in enjoying sweets), this German Christmas Village market is a top pick for people during the Christmas season, and it’s only $7 admission. Did we mention there will be delicious aromas of mulled wine and spicy gingerbread spreading across the market grounds? Just be careful, you might get a little carried away with everything there. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Vintage Christmas in Surrey

There are many Christmas festivities that you and your family members may take part in during the holiday season, but how does a ‘50s Christmas sound? This vintage event is unique because you’ll be able to listen to songs by Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley, and who doesn’t love Elvis? All things are retro at this event, which will take place on Dec. 20 between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Surrey Museum. The best part is, you can grab a picture with a vintage Santa for your scrapbook!

Heritage Holiday at the Fort

Everything about this event in Fort Langley sounds tantalizing! When you make a trip to the fort, you’ll be able to partake in a history lesson, and then after that you’ll be able to warm yourself up with a heritage hot chocolate. For those of you who have a sweet tooth like me, there will also be an opportunity to decorate cookies . . . and then eat them! Anyone else craving something sweet right now? To pay tribute to the Christmas song, guests can roast chestnuts on an open fire. Cue the music!

Christmas at Canada Place

One of my favourite Christmas memories as a child was to take a look at the beautifully decorated trees at Canada Place. At this Christmas event, there will not only be trees to look at, you’ll also be able to glance at the Woodward’s windows which include different displays such as Santa’s Workshop and the Candlestick Factory. If the little child in you is craving to watch some good ol’ Christmas tales like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, then you’re in luck because these two will be available to view.


For those of you who don’t feel like going to too many places, that’s understandable. Not even going to judge, if you honestly need to relax by watching Netflix throughout the winter break, by all means go for it! Personally, my ideal activity to do on a break from school is to have a date with Netflix and cozy up on the couch with my dog. Anyone else?


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