KPIRG asks for stakes in KSA’s Birch building renovation plans

Consultations would re-allocate space on Surrey campus

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group has formally applied for their seat in the Kwantlen Student Association Birch building consultations with the university.

The consultations are about planned renovations to Birch building, which concerns the reallocation of historically scarce space on campus for student groups like KPIRG.

KPIRG is currently sharing the Pride office adjacent to the social justice space. That space, often occupied by student clubs, has been perceived as unwelcoming to students, according to KPIRG. They add that student groups who seek safe spaces on campus even perceive the space as oppressive.

In addition, the lack of administrative space has forced KPIRG’s administrative and resource coordinator Richard Hosein to keep all of KPIRG’s legal and financial documents in his basement. He says that it’s “totally inappropriate” for a student association.

Besides lockable administrative space to hold their assets, KPIRG is also looking to include a dedicated lounge and meeting space. Altogether, Hosein says they’re looking for 800 to 1,000 square feet. That’s about the size of a regulation racquetball court.

Four KSA councillors are named in the endorsements section of KPIRG’s proposal, two of whom–Simon Massey and Tanvir Singh–sit on the KSA’s Birch space planning committee.


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