KSA Breaks Record for Emergency Aid Funding

Fundraising results in $1800 surplus
Joseph Keller, web editor


Fundraising efforts in 2016 by the Kwantlen Student Association for the Student Society Emergency Aid Fund and Student Educational Enhancement Fund have not only met their intended target, but surpassed it by nearly $2000.

The KSA runs fundraising events throughout the year to fill the $3500 fund, and their efforts last year have now resulted in a $1800 surplus.

KSA VP Student Life Natasha Lopes says that the additional funds will be put towards the 2017 fundraising efforts.

The Student Educational Enhancement Fund is set up for to give KPU students a resource for extracurricular learning. Students can apply for this fund if they are attending conferences, workshops, or any other learning experience that students complete on top of their schoolwork at KPU.

The Student Society Emergency Aid Fund is a provincially mandated fund set up to assist students that run into financial hardship. This fund is not meant to go towards tuition or the cost of textbooks, but can instead cover a range of financial hardship from medical issues to transportation problems that would otherwise get in the way of a student’s ability to attend classes

“This fund was created to eliminate barriers to education, especially to students who are having difficulties,” says Lopes.

The raising of money for these student assistance funds happens throughout the year and takes many different forms. In years past, fundraising has been done through Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day events. Lopes says that for this year she looked to KPU clubs for help with fundraising efforts. One club that answered Lopes’ call was the Kwantlen Gaming Guild, who donated some of their event proceeds to the fund.

The KSA also hosted events such as movie marathons, which Lopes says brought in between $100 to $200 per event. The key to the successful fundraising push, according to Lopes, was starting early in the year and maintaining a constant stream of frequent fundraising events.

“The fund is there for you when things are going going bad, when things are going rough,” says Lopes.


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