Artist Spotlight: Only a Visitor

At the heart of art pop group Only a Visitor, listeners will find sentimental storytelling that looks to the past for meaning. Known for its uplifting three-part harmonies sung by composer Robyn Jacob and vocalists Emma Postl and Celina Kurz, the project has always been a symptom of Jacob’s self-exploration, both as an artist and... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Devours

Jeff Cancade didn’t come out until he was in his mid-twenties, but as soon as he did, the rest of his life started to change. After moving to Vancouver from Montreal, he was experiencing life as an openly gay man for the first time when he started Devours, a pseudo-goth, synth-heavy electronic project that occupies... Continue Reading

Program Intakes at KPU Cancelled Due to Financial Stress

A draft of the operating budget for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s upcoming fiscal year proposes a 2.2 per cent reduction in the overall number of class sections offered by the university. As a result, programs from seven separate faculties will have their course intakes suspended or cancelled altogether. While this would deny many applicants hoping to... Continue Reading

From the Editor: To preserve what little identity KPU has, the university must keep its programming diverse

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is in a financial pinch right now, as you’ll read about in the cover story for this issue, and one of the unfortunate consequences is that the administration is cancelling intake into some of the university’s most beloved programs. The faculties thus far impacted by proposed cuts for the 2019-20 budget include... Continue Reading

Recent KSA Election “Marred with Numerous Accusations of Candidates Flouting the Rules”

According to a report filed by KSA Chief Returning Officer Ron Laufer on Feb. 28, the KSA’s February election “was marred with numerous accusations of candidates flouting the rules and procedures of the election process.” “Many of the accusations made are difficult to prove, but can substantially erode confidence in the elections,” Laufer wrote in... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Pale North

A lot has happened for the two members of Pale North since they started playing music together in Grade 9. Back then, drummer Brie Rose’s only experience with instruments was through Rock Band and guitarist Frank Hops was champing at the bit to get on stage. While they’re still best friends today, most aspects of... Continue Reading

Looking Back on 10 Years of The Runner

Although brief, the history of this newspaper is studded with scandal, experimentation, and change. The Runner has been reinventing itself since it published its first issue in 2009 and continues to achieve its goal of reporting, without fear or favour, on the issues relevant to students at KPU. Our first decade has been turbulent at... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Biawanna

It wasn’t until Ash Weis found herself watching Janelle Monae in concert that she knew she wanted to start Biawanna, a project informed by her identity as a queer woman of colour with Indigenous Fijian and German heritage. Equal parts neo-soul, synth pop, and R&B, Biawanna’s sound is at once soft and provocative, recognizable by... Continue Reading

From the Editor: The Ford government’s move to make student fees optional could hurt B.C. campus press

As anyone working in the field will know firsthand, student journalism is rarely taken seriously. It’s a battle to earn respect and to carve out a spot for yourself in campus culture, especially if you’re a new paper like The Runner. What’s more, there’s very little public faith in the press right now, and debates... Continue Reading

Meet the Candidates in the Upcoming KSA Election

It’s February, which means that KPU students are putting their names forward to run in the Kwantlen Student Association’s upcoming by-election. Right now there are 35 names on the list of potential future politicians hoping to win their say in KPU’s student-funded, student-driven governmental body. You, as paying members of the KSA (check your tuition... Continue Reading

The Future of KPIRG Rests in Students’ Hands

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, the on-campus organization which has been struggling to function normally since filing a notice of civil claim against its founder Richard Hossein last year, could soon be left without a penny to its name. In May, the Kwantlen Student Association voted to stop remitting fees to KPIRG, a decision... Continue Reading

From the Editor: What The Runner learned at the journalism conference you helped pay for

As students, you give us money to create an engaging newspaper and to help us become better journalists. The fee you pay to the Polytechnic Ink Publishing Society as part of your tuition goes not only to The Runner but also to Pulp Magazine, our school’s arts and literature publication. We share an office on... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Whisper Disco

One of the first things Viviane Chiamulera did when she arrived in Vancouver from Brazil was meet her future guitarist, Darren MacDonald, at a holiday get-together. Through a friend of a friend, Chiamulera heard about MacDonald’s annual “misfits Christmas,” meant to offer a cozy, festive space for people who don’t have family to spend the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Independent newspapers and magazines are in a pinch; here’s why you should care

It’s a strange time for independent media outlets right now, and an even stranger one for those owned by multi-million dollar companies and investors. In the transition from the golden era of journalism—when every family on the block woke up to a daily on their doorstep—to today’s digital age, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee the... Continue Reading

Joseph Thorpe Elected New President of the KSA

Members of the Kwantlen Student Association’s executive committee elected a new president on Dec. 11, less than two weeks after former president Caitlin McCutchen resigned citing personal reasons. Joseph Thorpe is now president of the KSA, and is continuing to serve in his previous capacities as Vice President Finance and Operations and Queer Representative. Former... Continue Reading