KPU Hoping for Horticultural Project Partnership with Beijing University Following MOU

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s recently launched diploma program in acupuncture has led to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between KPU and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The hope with the memorandum is that students striving to gain a degree after graduation in B.C. will transfer to Beijing to further their education. This month,... Continue Reading

KPU Graduate Holds City Hall on Cannabis

Small meeting in Fernie, B.C. one of many discussions on marijuana legalization This Spring, when Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott publicly announced that federal marijuana legislation will be introduced next year, KPU graduate Sarah-Jane Nelson decided to take action. Having graduated from the university’s acclaimed Professional Management of Marijuana program, Nelson knows a fair deal... Continue Reading

The History of KPU

A timeline documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly It wasn’t long ago that Kwantlen Polytechnic University wasn’t a university at all. Our humble institution has come a long way since it cleaved itself from Douglas College in 1981, and since then the history of KPU has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Through... Continue Reading

The Death of Private Prisons in America

American divestment in the facilities arrives after scathing investigative piece This month, media outlet Mother Jones released a harrowing and gritty account of four months spent inside one of America’s private prisons. That specific prison happened to be so private, in fact, that the article rattled bones across the entire continent, including the President of... Continue Reading

Will Alan Davis Stick Around for Another Term?

President of KPU says he hopes he can stay, but awaits Board decision On Aug. 31 of next year, the current President of KPU’s first term will come to an end. Whether or not Alan Davis will get to keep the position beyond this point—a position he will have occupied for five years—is currently unknown.... Continue Reading

Who’s Who at KPU

Get to know some of the university’s movers and shakers Some faces are easy to find on KPU campuses, from club members to councillors to presidents. As a new student, it can be tricky to know who to go to when you’re in a pickle, but the best person to talk to is usually less... Continue Reading

A Peek into Pulp Magazine

Managing Editor Brooks Lewis talks paying contributors, goals, and changes Behind the cover of Pulp Magazine, readers will find a cherry-picked fusion of cultivated texts and images. Poetry, prose, interviews, paintings, sculptures, and other works by mostly-local talent can be viewed on every one of its 40-50 pages, with a majority of them distinctly sourced... Continue Reading

KSA Executives SUDS up

President Alex McGowan says the Student Union Development Summit improves the whole team The Kwantlen Student Association’s four executives—Tanvir Singh, Rawan Ramini, Alex McGowan, and Natasha Lopes—attended the Student Union Development Summit from Aug. 11-14 this year to learn how to keep their union in tip-top shape. Every year, the Summit aims to “bring together... Continue Reading

Argel Monte de Ramos is KPU’s Resident Superstar

After winning gold at the “Talent Olympics” he considers his future, at KPU and abroad Over the span of two busy years, Argel Monte de Ramos has done more for KPU than most students will throughout their entire university experience. Born in the Philippines, Monte de Ramos arrived in Canada young and overwhelmed by culture... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Frogpile

Their big debut and future plans Frogpile pleasently surprised Vancouver’s local scene with the release of Jackie, the four piece’s debut EP. The record is technically three tracks long, including a 40-second interlude, but the two full-lengths stand out as some of the catchiest spring-summer tunes to make it into the city’s underground. While the... Continue Reading

Living in a Net Zero Home

What it’s like getting off the grid and on the bandwagon Sleeping in a net zero home has always been a pipe dream of mine. In the dense and buzzing metropolis of Vancouver, they’re hard to come by and even harder to justify. This twentieth-century world runs on technology and the city simply can’t operate... Continue Reading

Around the World at KPU

From Chinese Acupuncture to Bhangra Dancing, KPU offers a wide variety of multicultural classes There’s a whole wide world outside of the Lower Mainland—a fact which can be easily forgotten by university students enrolled here full-time. Spending five days a week staring at white boards, computer screens, textbooks, and notepads could make anyone want to... Continue Reading

Fir 128’s Potential Future Facelift

Vice-president student services and vice-president finance & operations propose renovations As it is, room 128 in the Surrey campus’ Fir building is functioning as a theatre, but not to its full potential—at least, not according to vice-president student services Tanvir Singh and vice-president finance & operations Rawan Ramini.. After watching a play in Fir 128,... Continue Reading

KSA move to transfer $500 out of old account to help students

Throughout the past eight years, approximately $500 of the Kwantlen Student Association’s investments were sitting around collecting dust under Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. For reasons that Vice-president Finance & Operations Rawan Ramini can’t identify, a small amount of money was kept with the company while the rest of their investments were moved to CIBC. The... Continue Reading

KSA Summer Renovations Going Over Estimate

Forthcoming Birch building renovation expected to come in as budgeted Several of the Kwantlen Student Association’s on-campus renovation projects have turned out to be more expensive than initially estimated, including work on the Grassroots Cafe and two fitness rooms. KSA vice-president Student Services Tanvir Singh and vice-president Finance & Operations Rawan Ramini claim that the... Continue Reading