The Too-Dirty Secrets of KPU Confessions

The group ought to start keeping objectionable posts to themselves “Send your funny, embarrassing or even darkest confessions and they will be posted anonymously,” promises KPU Confessions, a Facebook group dedicated to creating a safe space for students to speak their minds and spill their beans. Scroll down the page and you’ll find a handful... Continue Reading

Life in KPIRGatory

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group searching for a permanent home After three years of sharing a space with the Kwantlen Pride Collective, KPIRG has become officially homeless. The group’s exodus began in early July, when Kwantlen Polytechnic University started renovating the Birch building on the Surrey campus. However, unlike their roommates at Pride, KPIRG... Continue Reading

KSA Regulation Changes to be Proposed July 15

If passed, changes will affect many of KPU’s committees   A number of regulation changes under the Kwantlen Student Association will be going to council on Friday, July 15. KSA President Alex McGowan calls them “updates to get in line with the current practices,” but more specifically, they are modifications to the way that the... Continue Reading

The Case Against Christy Clark

Premier still deserves public criticism British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has been getting a lot of flack lately, and rightfully so. In May she travelled to Asia to promote provincial trade deals but brought two real estate companies with her, leading to suspicions that she aims to drive up the provincial housing market even further... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Kaylee Johnston

Pop artist aspires to empower her listeners with new album After a whirlwind breakup, pop artist Kaylee Johnston began her journey to self-healing with the conception of a boisterous six-song EP. The self-titled record, which came out on June 3, was nearly three years in the making and formed in the midst of a time... Continue Reading

Seventeenth Surrey Pride Unites Queer Community

Meeting in Holland Park a sign of solidarity after Orlando shooting The Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub has left queer communities around the world shaken but still strong. During this time of adversity, Pride events have brought the community together to heal, advocate, and celebrate their identities in safe spaces. Right here in the Fraser... Continue Reading

The Drawbacks of Bill 23

Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act’s negative aspects With the passing of the BC Legislature’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act—Bill 23—comes several comparisons between it and Ontario’s anti-sexual violence policy. The province’s “action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment” is admirably comprehensive, designed with consultation between government and students over a long period... Continue Reading

Welcome to Surrey Approved for Pilot Funding

Web series based on life in Surrey in contention for one season’s worth of funding When Kashif Pasta and Shyam Valera first launched their Surrey-based web series Buddy Guys in 2011, a positive response from the community fast-tracked them towards the production of a “more grounded” series. This August, the duo will be releasing the... Continue Reading

Original Artwork Promoted at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Free-admission event brings smiles to attendees and exhibitors alike After attending low-energy art conventions, Vancouver Comic Arts Association event coordinator Shannon Campbell felt inspired to create a festival “where, first and foremost, everyone was just pleased to be there—attendees and exhibitors alike.” Campbell admired the atmosphere at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and decided to... Continue Reading

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo delivers childhood nostalgia

Event held at the Anvil Centre sells retro games and art to fans 2016 marked “the year that [the Retro Gaming Expo] levelled up,” says event founder and organizer Brian Hughes. For the first time since the Expo began five years ago, it moved to a much larger venue in New Westminster, the Anvil Centre,... Continue Reading

Skydance Media Comes to Surrey

Company arrives from Hollywood to film a Netflix series The ex-printing press building for the Pacific Newspaper Group will soon become home to Skydance Media, a well-known production company from Hollywood. Skydance has produced blockbuster hits from franchises like Terminator, Mission Impossible, and Star Trek, and in an unexpected turn of events, they are opening... Continue Reading

Is Enrolment Declining at KPU?

Provost Salvador Ferreras speaks out on how and why enrolment is slowing at KPU Over the past half-decade, there has been a 5 per cent enrolment decrease in domestic full-time equivalent courses (FTE’s) at KPU, with one fifth of that accumulating over the past year. However, KPU Provost Dr. Salvador Ferreras deems that number “a... Continue Reading

Inspiring Voices, Inspiring Change symposium educates against domestic abuse

Abuse prevention toolkits designed by KPU students presented at event On the day that Rome university student Sara Di Pietrantonio is burned to death by her ex-boyfriend, Deltassist acting executive director Julie Chadwick reminds the public of the importance of domestic abuse awareness. “Understand that this is not a single community issue. This is a... Continue Reading

Minimum Guaranteed Income resolution passes at Liberal Party Convention

Federal and provincial governments agree to discuss possibility of basic income Minimum guaranteed income, or basic income, is defined as, “an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement” by the Basic Income Earth Network. Under Canada’s previous Conservative government, the idea of minimum guaranteed income was out... Continue Reading

Students Volunteer for Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Event held at Serpentine Greenway June 8 by Sustainable KSA On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, ten volunteers gather at the Serpentine Greenway for Sustainable KSA’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The Kwantlen Student Association’s Sustainability Coordinator, Mairi Lester, hands out gloves, pincers, and garbage bags shortly before the group splits in half to tidy opposite sides... Continue Reading