Runner Run-Down: B.C.’s New Property Transfer Tax

15% tax for foreign investors seems great in theory, but flawed in practice After what feels like an eternity of listening to Vancouver locals complain about foreign investment in real estate, the province has decided to slap a 15 per cent property transfer tax onto the city’s homes for buyers from out of the country.... Continue Reading

A Space for Students

What the Birch building’s renovations are going to look like The Surrey campus’ Birch building will soon be undergoing major renovations to accommodate the Kwantlen Student Association, its constituencies, and the university’s clubs. Students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University can also expect to benefit from the revamping of Birch, which will create a more accessible common... Continue Reading
(The History of Gunpowder)

Artist Spotlight: The History of Gunpowder

Writing in India, Hating Ostriches “It’s kind of like Tom Waits married Taylor J. Hawkins and somehow conceived a child that really liked punk music—and then he started playing with a lot of horns and strings,” says Alex James Morison, about The History of Gunpowder. Morison sings and plays guitar in the band, on top... Continue Reading
KDocs student organizers introduce themselves at the How We Got Gay and Transforming Gender film screenings at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey Campus Fir building on July 29, 2016. The films are documentaries on LGBTQ+ communities and history. (Alyssa Laube)

KDocs Challenges Heteronormativity Through Film and Discussion

Two documentaries about the LGBTQ+ community screened on July 28 Room Fir 128 on the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey campus was crowded on July 28, the evening of a KDocs film screening and panel discussion on documentaries How We Got Gay and Transforming Gender. Around thirty people gathered in the space to enjoy conversation, entertainment,... Continue Reading

Funding Confusion Between KPIRG, SOCC, and KSA Draws to a Close

Origin of Genocide Across Space and Time event funding uncertain until shortly before the event Bemusement was in the air this month between the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, the Kwantlen Student Association, and the Students of Colour Collective (SOCC)—a KSA club—when none of the three parties could conclusively say who was funding an educational... Continue Reading

Liberal MP talks Climate Change

Town hall at Tong Louie YMCA hosted by MP facilitates discussion “From a Liberal government’s perspective, we’re about making evidence-based policies. The evidence that we’re seeing is that climate change is here,” says Cloverdale Liberal MP John Aldag. He stands before a room of ten guests, two staff members at his side, and a television... Continue Reading

Music Student Wins First Prize in Provincial Competition

Louise Cazander heads to National Competition for original composition Louise Cazander, music student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, was born into a family of creatives. She shared a passion for piano with all of her siblings while growing up, but it wasn’t until later in her life that she began to take playing seriously. “I’ve been... Continue Reading

What it Means to be Fragrance-Free

The little-known sensitivity that KPU is acknowledging In most situations, wearing scented products is considered common courtesy. Many assume that putting on sweet-smelling deodorant, shampoos or perfume will be appreciated by those around them, but the rising popularity of “fragrance-free” events and goods is beginning to dispel that myth. Technically, there is no unanimous definition... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Basement Sweets

Four youngsters talk about the importance of musical diversity On the night of The Basement Sweet’s first show with new guitarist Ben Kjernsted, they gathered around a table to discuss their music over Vietnamese food. In a few hours, the four-piece will be on stage to play an eclectic set of blues, jazz, and psychedelic... Continue Reading

Is KPU a Pit Stop School?

Why some students choose to leave, and others stick around When I first arrived at KPU, the prestigiousness of its reputation was not a priority. As an enthusiastic high school graduate, I was too excited to be moving onto my post-secondary career to consider that my school of choice may not be the most reputable... Continue Reading

The Long Shadow of the CFS

Why the Federation has been rubbing student associations the wrong way for years There’s some bad blood between the Canadian Federation of Students and several of their members, KPU included. The two organizations have been to court a couple of times before—once in 2009 and again in 2015—so it isn’t surprising that tensions remain high.... Continue Reading

The Too-Dirty Secrets of KPU Confessions

The group ought to start keeping objectionable posts to themselves “Send your funny, embarrassing or even darkest confessions and they will be posted anonymously,” promises KPU Confessions, a Facebook group dedicated to creating a safe space for students to speak their minds and spill their beans. Scroll down the page and you’ll find a handful... Continue Reading

Life in KPIRGatory

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group searching for a permanent home After three years of sharing a space with the Kwantlen Pride Collective, KPIRG has become officially homeless. The group’s exodus began in early July, when Kwantlen Polytechnic University started renovating the Birch building on the Surrey campus. However, unlike their roommates at Pride, KPIRG... Continue Reading

KSA Regulation Changes to be Proposed July 15

If passed, changes will affect many of KPU’s committees   A number of regulation changes under the Kwantlen Student Association will be going to council on Friday, July 15. KSA President Alex McGowan calls them “updates to get in line with the current practices,” but more specifically, they are modifications to the way that the... Continue Reading

The Case Against Christy Clark

Premier still deserves public criticism British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has been getting a lot of flack lately, and rightfully so. In May she travelled to Asia to promote provincial trade deals but brought two real estate companies with her, leading to suspicions that she aims to drive up the provincial housing market even further... Continue Reading