Abubakar Khan is the face of The Chosen Khan, a collective of community members and advocates from Metro Vancouver. (Alyssa Laube)

The Chosen Khan Advocates for Empathy in Surrey

Abubakar Khan, known more famously on social media as The Chosen Khan, grew up surrounded by empaths, immigrants, and activists. His great uncle built the first mosque in B.C. His grandfather pulled together the multicultural community in Greater Vancouver and witnessed the Komagata Maru incident. And when it came for Khan’s time to get involved... Continue Reading

From the Editor: If you really want to represent LGBTQ+ folks, you’ve got to cast queer

Erasure dominates the history of queer cinema, from the infamously white Stonewall movie to the recent announcement of Scarlett Johansson’s role as a trans man and sex worker named Dante “Tex” Gill. The movie about Gill’s life is already set to be a gross misrepresentation. Rather than being accurately portrayed as a businessman who was... Continue Reading
KPIRG Director Simon Massey takes the mic to adjourn the special general meeting. (Alyssa Laube)
KPIRG Director Simon Massey takes the mic to adjourn the special general meeting. (Alyssa Laube)

KPIRG Unable to Update Bylaws at SGM on July 24

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group was unable to meet the 50-member quorum needed to proceed with its special general meeting on July 24. As a result, KPIRG could not adopt proposed changes to its bylaws that would allow the group to function more efficiently following the Kwantlen Student Association’s decision to withhold its funding.... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Emma Citrine

Emma Citrine’s first album was chaotically diverse, opening with a honky-tonk guitar riff before barrelling into just under a half-hour of alternative rock, blues, and folk. The record, Sad Surprise, was more of a collaboration between her and her friends than a true solo album. Now, Citrine is preparing to release the first album written... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: The Ethics Behind 13 Reasons Why

Read the other half of the argument here: http://ow.ly/zCA550hR3Te Warning: this article discusses potentially triggering topics such as suicide and rape. As someone who has seen the devastation that follows a loved one’s suicide, I can confidently say that the now-infamous rape scene in 13 Reasons Why isn’t the bane of the production. It’s show’s entire underlying... Continue Reading

From the Editor: When cops bring guns to Italian Day, it’s time to question the management of the VPD

Police officers carried rifles at a family-friendly event intended to celebrate Italian food and culture on June 10, and for many in attendance, this reminder of the Vancouver Police Department’s potential to be violent came as an unwelcome shock. Hoards of people filled the streets for the festival and, as such, a police presence there... Continue Reading
Maria Barrington-Foote, originally from North Vancouver, recently released her first record as a solo artist. (Alyssa Laube)

Artist Spotlight: My Sister Maria

My Sister Maria’s first record feels weightless and whimsical, but nowhere near superficial. At face value, it’s a collection of piano ballads written over some of the most dynamic years of Maria Barrington-Foote’s life, composed and recorded on the piano she grew up playing in her father’s house in North Vancouver. The record is entitled... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Student Apathy is Enabling Scandals at KPU

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has seen its share of controversy over the years, whether it’s full-on criminal activity within student groups or a lack of transparency within the university administration. Again and again, we’ve witnessed student dollars abused and allocated without consultation with those trusting that their money will be well-spent. At this point, scandal has... Continue Reading
Murdoch de Mooy and David Piraquive, two members of the KSA's executives committee, at a drop-in consultation session about the international tuition increase. (Alyssa Laube)

KPU’s Recent International Tuition Hike Divides Students and Administrators

When the KPU Board of Governors voted on March 28 to raise international tuition by 15 per cent, they received an immediate backlash from members of the Kwantlen Student Association. By April 5 the KSA had released a statement saying that it was “disappointed” with the increase in tuition, and with the fact that the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Prison education is key to creating a safer and more equitable Canada

“Taking college classes helped me forget that I wasn’t free.” This is what a former incarcerated person, Marcus Lilley, told a writer for The Marshall Project, a non-profit news website dedicated to covering criminal justice. The publication recently released “Finding College by Way of Prison”, a first-person account of taking college courses as a prisoner... Continue Reading
From top left to bottom right: Melissa Kuipers, Hannah Karren, Nada Hayek, and Sonya Rez of Necking in their Vancouver jam space. (Alyssa Laube)

Artist Spotlight: Necking

A band that started as a joke between friends has blossomed into a festival-playing local favourite by the name of Necking. One thing that’s absolutely essential to know about them: the band is witty. And while each of the individual members are funny—and use the word freely to describe one another—the material covered in their... Continue Reading
(Tristan Johnston)

Kwantlen Student Association Votes to Revoke KPIRG’s Funding

Story updated at May 17, 1:20pm. As a result of the allegations of fraud that the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group made against its founder and former employee, the Kwantlen Student Association has voted to revoke and hold the funding they collect from students on KPIRG’s behalf. The KSA believes that the alleged fraud—totalling approximately... Continue Reading
Murdoch de Mooy has been involved with the KSA for a couple years (Braden Klassen)

KPU Elects New Senate and Board of Governors

The results of the spring election for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Senate and Board of Governors have been released, with new faculty, students, and support staff preparing to begin their terms in September. For faculty positions on the Senate, David Burns and Robert Dearle were chosen to represent the Faculty of Arts. Carlos Calao is representing... Continue Reading
(Alyssa Laube)

Kimberly McMartin Kept Fighting for KPU Students

Five years ago, Kimberly McMartin ran for her first position in the Kwantlen Student Association. Shortly after, she came to know about the students with disabilities seat on Council and, once voted in, embarked on what would become a long endeavour to make KPU a more accessible and inclusive place to study. “I’m a student... Continue Reading
(Nicola Kwit)

African-Canadians Request Apology for Slavery in Nova Scotia

Before Canada confederated, the results of the Atlantic slave trade remained pervasive in Nova Scotia. Many of the first Black people who arrived there came from across the border as slaves —according to a 2009 paper by historian Harvey Amani Whitfield, at least 1,232 slaves were brought to Nova Scotia by slave-owning Loyalists following the... Continue Reading