Zed Cred Program Continues to Cut Out Textbook Costs with New Diploma

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s trailblazing Zed Cred program is offering a new diploma for students who haven’t yet graduated from high school. The program is a collection of courses which come with zero associated textbook costs. The first half includes arts courses, which students can take to earn a one-year Certificate of Arts credential or any... Continue Reading

Past and Present KPU Brewing Students Collaborate on New Line of Beers

As if beer wasn’t already glorious enough, the work being done at KPU’s brewery just made it a bit more enticing. The Alumni Collection Series is a new line of beers developed by students in the Brewing and Brewery Operations program working in collaboration with six of the program’s graduates. Alek Egi, an instructor in... Continue Reading

Talking About the Orcas Won’t Be Enough to Save Them

Last month, my boyfriend and I vacationed in Victoria for the first time. While sailing to Vancouver Island, I peered over the edge of the ferry at the ocean below, silently wishing to see a black dorsal fin breaching the surface of the water. Though I didn’t see one, it got me thinking about how... Continue Reading

Where KPU Succeeds and Fails at Student Representation

Kwantlen Polytechnic University boasts a diverse student body. It welcomes folks of various nationalities, ethnicities, genders, ideologies, and sexual identities. Representing these groups, however, has always been a challenge for members of the Kwantlen Student Association, which balances the day-to-day duties of student governance with advocating for a sizeable and widely-dispersed student populace. In many... Continue Reading

Trinity Western University Revokes Mandatory Signing of Community Covenant for Students

Nearly three months after losing its legal battle in the Supreme Court of Canada, Trinity Western University is once again making headlines because of its community covenant. The Christian university, based in Langley, B.C., revoked its controversial community covenant on Aug. 14. According to the TWU website, the “Supreme Court of Canada decision was a... Continue Reading

Female Leaders in Academia to Meet for Unique Conference this Fall

Women in academic leadership roles from across North America will come together this fall to share personal stories, participate in workshops, and learn from mentors in the hopes of shattering the glass ceiling in the world of academia. The Women in Academic Leadership program will be held in Winnipeg over the course of four days... Continue Reading

KSA Hires Several New Staff Members for the Fall Semester

Over the summer, the Kwantlen Student Association has embarked on a mission to fill multiple vacancies on staff. The positions which have been filled are for the Policy and Political Affairs Coordinator and Clubs and Outreach Coordinator. The Sustainability Coordinator and MultiPass Program Coordinator positions are currently occupied but will be immediately filled by new... Continue Reading
Wayne Davis, former 17 year veteran of the RCMP who was affected by the LGBTQ Purge says the federal government's formal apology and recent settlement has helped bring closure to those affected, himself included (submitted).

Victims of “LGBT Purge” Receive Justice and Closure Decades Later

In the spring of 1986, a 17-year veteran of the RCMP named Wayne Davis was called into his superior’s office and asked point blank why he was recently seen in a gay bar. Despite the RCMP’s zero-tolerance policy against homosexuality, Davis responded that he was there because he is a gay man. Afterwards, when he... Continue Reading
Three modular housing sites have been opened for previously homeless residents from the Surrey Strip. (Ashley Hyshka).
Three modular housing sites have been opened for previously homeless residents from the Surrey Strip. (Ashley Hyshka).

New Modular Housing Project Offers Shelter to Surrey’s Homeless

A joint effort by the City of Surrey, BC Housing, Fraser Health, and various non-profits has ensured that members of the homeless population living along Surrey’s 135a Street will now have a warm place to call home. Between June 18 and 21, residents from the tent city along 135a Street and neighbouring shelters were moved... Continue Reading

Big City Blues

Vancouver is consistently ranked one of the most livable cities in the world. With its mild climate, breathtaking scenery, and quality of education and healthcare, it’s not hard to understand why. Yet recent research has found that we’re also one of the most miserable cities in Canada. A Study entitled How Happy Are Your Neighbours? by... Continue Reading
(Nicola Kwit)

The Runner Debates: The Ethics Behind 13 Reasons Why

Read the other half of the argument here: http://ow.ly/w9jy50hR42I Warning: this article discusses potentially triggering topics such as suicide and rape. Few shows are as polarizing as Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, which depicts the aftermath of high schooler Hannah Baker’s suicide. In the show, Hannah uses 13 audio-cassette tapes to reveal one-by-one the reasons why she... Continue Reading

Bill C-45 Passes Senate as KPU Ramps Up its Cannabis Training Programs

Bill C-45, which legalizes recreational cannabis use in Canada, passed through the Senate on June 20 with a vote of 52-29. With legalization slated to begin on October 17, this historic end to what has been called “90 years of prohibition” coincides conveniently with the expansion of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s cannabis programs. David Purcell, KPU’s... Continue Reading
Trinity Western University has been involved in a number of legal disputes that stem from their implementation of a covenant agreement that is mandatory for students to sign. (Braden Klassen)

Supreme Court of Canada Rules Against Trinity Western Law School

On June 15, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favor of the law societies of B.C. and Ontario, confirming the societies’ right to deny accreditation to Trinity Western University’s proposed law school due to its lack of accessibility for all students. At the heart of the controversy is TWU’s mandatory community covenant. The covenant... Continue Reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Public Transit in Metro Vancouver

It’s rush hour in the city, and between your bus being late and the rude passengers you’re already ready to call quits on the day. However, if every single commuter in Metro Vancouver were to follow my handy list of transit do’s and don’ts, getting to work or school would no longer be such an... Continue Reading
A student harvests beets at KPU's Tsawwassen First Nation Farming School in Delta, Aug. 25, 2016. (Tommy Nguyen)
A student harvests beets at KPU's Tsawwassen First Nation Farming School in Delta, Aug. 25, 2016. (Tommy Nguyen)

Richmond Farm School Plants New Roots for the 2018 Season

The City of Richmond has struggled recently with how to best use its acres of farmable land. While the debate rages on, KPU’s Richmond Farm School has begun focusing on its own solution to the problem. For its 2018 semester, the school has been redesigned to focus on small-scale urban farming to meet the needs... Continue Reading