City of Surrey Moves Forward with LRT Project

The City of Surrey is committed to the idea that supporting Light Rapid Transit instead of a SkyTrain extension will help create a future with dependable public transportation for its citizens. Working with the city, TransLink’s director of the Surrey LRT project, Stephan Mehr, believes that Light Rapid Transit will help transform Surrey in ways... Continue Reading

B.C. Holds Public Consultations on Recently-Implemented Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policies

The government of British Columbia recently announced that it will be hosting public consultations regarding the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act, which was enacted by all B.C. post-secondary institutions in May 2017. This move, spearheaded by Advanced Education, Skills, and Training Minister Melanie Mark, builds upon the existing foundation of the Act and aims... Continue Reading

Fentanyl Dealers Should Face Manslaughter Charges for Causing Fatal Overdoses

Society is quick to write off the drug users on Vancouver’s streets as expendable, or as junkies unworthy of our attention and the government’s cash. Even though media covers the province’s fentanyl crisis, the reports are so frequent that they often go unnoticed, and they don’t typically mention the people who supply the fentanyl. British... Continue Reading

CASA Tackles Problems Felt by Canadian University Students During Advocacy Week

The goal of the Canadian Alliance of Student Association’s annual Advocacy Week is to “talk about how the government can reduce barriers to post-secondary education,” according to Caitlin McCutchen, VP External Affairs for the Kwantlen Student Association. McCutchen was in attendance for this year’s Advocacy Week, which was held jointly by CASA and the Quebec... Continue Reading

Surrey May Soon Be Home to a Professional Sports Stadium

Surrey residents soon might not have to travel far to see professional sports teams in action. According to City Councillor Bruce Hayne, the creation of a professional sports stadium has been in the works for the last six months. Hayne says that a group approached the city with a concept for a project which government... Continue Reading

Without Operation Red Nose, Surrey and Langley Might Not Have a Holly Jolly Christmas This Year

It’s almost that time of year again—the smell of cinnamon and spice lingers in the air, golden light reflects off ornaments on evergreen trees, and the sounds of carolers fills our ears. For some people in Surrey and Langley, however, their holiday plans might end at a red light. Operation Red Nose is a non-profit... Continue Reading

Friendship After Murder: How Margot Van Sluytman Befriended the Man Who Killed Her Father

On Easter Day in 1978, Glen Flett murdered Theodore Van Sluytman during an armed robbery in Scarborough, Ontario. 39 years later, on Nov. 24, Van Sluytman’s daughter Margot shared how she dealt with the loss of her father while sitting next to Flett at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s first Restorative Justice Week event. The discussion was... Continue Reading

Pilot Program Opens the Door for Students with Intellectual Disabilities To Earn an Arts Certificate

The Including All Citizens Project—brainchild of Kwantlen Polytechnic University Sociology Chair Fiona Whittington-Walsh and Teresa Swan of KPU’s Access Program—is an attempt to tear down some of the walls faced by students with intellectual disabilities. The pilot program, which Whittington-Walsh and Swan started early last year, enrols five students with intellectual disabilities who have graduated... Continue Reading

Meet the Humans of KPU

Social media campaign hopes to tell the stories of KPU community members Two employees in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Marketing and Communications Department, Leland Dieno and Whitney Sharp, want to bring the KPU community a little closer together by highlighting the experiences of those who work and go to school here. To that end, they launched... Continue Reading

BRice Apartment Complex for Low-Moderate Income Residents Opens on Kingsway

The City of Vancouver eyes a 10-year strategic plan for combatting the housing crisis Vancouver’s first housing complex built as part of a long-term land trust opened at 1720 Kingsway on Oct. 22. The BRice building, as it is named, will offer 48 homes to families with low to moderate incomes at an affordable rate.... Continue Reading

Journalistic Sources Protection Act Slated to Become Federal Law

Bill S-231 will protect journalists’ confidential sources in almost all circumstances Bill S-231, also known as the Journalistic Sources Protection Act, received royal assent on Oct. 18, amending both the Canada Evidence Act and the section of the Criminal Code that relates to the protection of journalistic sources. The bill was first proposed in November... Continue Reading

The West Coast Needs to Take Students’ Mental Health Seriously

B.C. needs to follow in the footsteps of Atlantic post-secondary institutions Beautiful British Columbia, you truly are stunning with your extensive evergreen mountain range, deep blue ocean, and vibrant cities. I wish I could go outside and explore the places I love—but instead, I’m stuck inside working on a pile of homework. Deep in the... Continue Reading

KPU Sports and Rec, the Peer Support Program, and the KSA Teach Students How to Thrive

October was Mental Health Awareness Month, so the KPU community came together in a series of events to let students know that support systems are out there College and university students who battle mental illnesses often feel like they’re alone in their fight. The organizers of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Thrive Week sought to let those... Continue Reading

The Delicate Balance Between Equality and Religious Rights at TWU

Trinity Western University and the law societies of B.C. and Ontario will have their case heard in court later this fall A contentious battle over equality and religious rights in post-secondary institutions is headed to the Supreme Court of Canada on Nov. 30. Trinity Western University, a private Christian school in Langley, B.C., requires its... Continue Reading

KPU Instructor Publishes Study Analyzing False-Belief Reasoning Across Lifespans

Daniel Bernstein and researchers discovered toddlers and adults’ abilities are roughly equal In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, protagonist Atticus Finch tells his young daughter Scout that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb into his skin and walk around in... Continue Reading