Student-Led “Count on Our Vote” Campaign Goes Live

ABCS, KSA hope to encourage students to register to vote in the upcoming election Braden Klassen, Contributor In preparation for the provincial election in May, the Kwantlen Student Association is joining the Alliance of B.C. Students in their Count on Our Vote Campaign. The campaign is an effort to convince students to register to vote... Continue Reading

KPIRG Holds AGM, Elects New Director

Braden Klassen, Contributor The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group’s Annual General Meeting was held on March 13 in the Cedar building’s conference room. The purpose of the AGM was to give student members a chance to vote on motions proposed by the PIRG, as well as vote in the new director, Zafreen Jaffer. “I’m really... Continue Reading

Stay Mad About the Death of Electoral Reform

When it comes to politicians abandoning election promises, time should not heal all wounds Braden Klassen, Contributor When the federal government officially announced that it was breaking a steadfast campaign promise by abandoning its efforts towards facilitating electoral reform, Canadians reacted in delight and dismay, but mostly in disinterest. Those who were upset by the... Continue Reading

KPU’s Environmental Protection Technology Program Receives Official Accreditation

Accreditation means greater access to employment opportunities for students Braden Klassen, Contributor Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Environmental Protection Technology (EPT) program was granted an official accreditation from the Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) organization on Jan. 12. The TAC is a national not-for-profit body that consults with, audits, and oversees the accreditation of engineering technology and applied... Continue Reading

The Great White Terror

Xenophobia has caused Canadians to turn a blind eye to domestic hate groups Braden Klassen, Contributor. In 2015, The Toronto Star obtained declassified CSIS files indicating that white-supremacist ideologies were linked to more “lone-wolf” acts of terrorism than any other hate group or terrorist organization in Canada. Yet the public’s awareness of these groups was... Continue Reading

TransLink is Finally Addressing their Outdated Fare Structure

If you feel the fare isn’t fair, you can help them overhaul the system Braden Klassen, Contributor The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority—known to most by their brand name TransLink—has provided a myriad of indispensable transit-related services for the population of the Metro Vancouver area. However, in the years since its formation, the transit... Continue Reading

Anti-Fascist Rally in New West Responds to Neo-Nazi Propaganda

Demonstration held after discovery of posters displaying swastikas and racist phrases An anti-fascism rally was held in front of the New Westminster Skytrain station on Sunday, Jan. 29. The rally was staged in response to two pro-Nazi flyers that were found posted at bus stops near the station, as well as the circulation of Ku... Continue Reading

KSA Constituency Representatives Frequently Left Vacant on Council

International, aboriginal, queer, and students of colour rep. positions will all be left unfilled next term In the past several years, the Kwantlen Student Association’s constituency representative positions—meant to represent groups which traditionally face systematic barriers in accessing post-secondary education—have been left vacant with a higher frequency than the faculty or campus rep. positions. Now,... Continue Reading

Say “Oui” to Bilingualism

Language acquisition is an essential skill, which is why French schooling is so vital in Canadian education. Learning a new language is empowering. It expands your ability to communicate with other people around the world, and it helps to hone your creativity and mental flexibility. One of my earliest childhood memories is of watching the... Continue Reading

Healthcare Privatization is Not the Answer

Advocates for a two-tiered healthcare might be suffering from symptoms of affluenza The Supreme Court of B.C. is hearing a charter challenge from Dr. Brian Day, who says that Canada’s laws preventing doctors from practicing publicly and privately are in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and should be repealed so that Canadians—or... Continue Reading

Moving Away From Coal is a Step in the Right Direction, Albeit a Tiny One

It’s time to finally let the coals die out The Federal Liberal Party of Canada has announced that they are planning to drastically reduce the country’s reliance on coal-based power by 2030—as if taking 15 more years to do something that should’ve been done forever ago is somehow positive. For decades, coal power has been... Continue Reading

Electoral Reform Needed for True Democracy

It’s time for FPTP to go, whether the Liberals or the electorate make the decision It’s been speculated that a preliminary survey, which will be conducted in early December, might be the precursor to a national referendum on whether or not the electoral system should change. While a referendum result that opposes the change would... Continue Reading

The Tyee Begins Fundraising for Improved Election Coverage

B.C. publication hopes to raise  $50,000 to pay for a voter’s guide to provincial election The Tyee Begins Fundraising for Improved Election Coverage B.C. publication hopes to raise $50,000 to pay for a voter’s guide to provincial election Braden Klassen, Contributor The Tyee, an internet publication based in Vancouver, announced on Nov. 21 that they... Continue Reading

Aspiring Parents Should Be Required to Obtain a License to Have Children

It takes a village to raise a child, especially when the parents happen to be village idiots You’ve heard it before—being a parent is hard. Extremely hard. For many people it may be the most difficult thing they ever have to do. In the confines of modern society, it seems like there are an infinite... Continue Reading

The Federal Liberals Have Let Down Their Electorate with Support for LNG

Sustainability is not a spectrum In a disappointing move that contradicts their earlier promises of championing environmental sustainability, the federal government has given their authoritative approval of the Pacific NorthWest Liquified Natural Gas project, a $36-billion natural gas liquefaction and export facility that would play a role in the processing and overseas exportation of gas... Continue Reading