One.KPU is the New Online Portal for Students and Faculty

This fall, KPU is launching a new online software tool that will give members of the university community an easier way to access applications, websites, and information relevant to them. One.KPU will help students organize and centralize online resources like their student email, library and course websites, campus maps, online self service, Moodle, WordPress, and... Continue Reading

Beyond the Pages: A Look at Pulp Magazine’s Latest Issue

Pulp Magazine, the KPU student-run literature and arts publication, has offered readers a colourful and diverse showcase of poetry, prose, and visual artwork since its launch in 2012. The magazine’s latest issue—its 16th overall, published just in time for the fall semester—came together through the collaborative effort of a brand new team of editors from... Continue Reading

KSA Planning By-Election, SGM for Fall Semester

As new and returning students descend on campus like gently falling leaves, the Kwantlen Student Association will be working on a number of initiatives to elect new members, bolster committee meeting attendance, and update the association’s bylaws before changes to the B.C. Societies Act comes into effect this November. The By-Election Nominations for the association’s... Continue Reading

Advocates at KPU Help Reduce Surrey Gang Violence

For years, Surrey has had a uniquely problematic history with gang-related violence flaring up in the streets, shattering lives and leaving communities torn. Residents have been calling on City Council to take action that results in a meaningful reduction in organized crime, which is why Mayor Linda Hepner formed the Mayor’s Task Force on Gang... Continue Reading

KPU Vegan Club Extends Summer Outreach

KPU’s vegan advocacy club is extending its outreach efforts to students who are looking to get involved with animal rights activism, veganism, or vegetarianism. In late July, Richard Macmillan, the head of the Let’s Be Compassionate club, handed out vegan cupcakes to interested students. He believes that when students are exposed to a tasty variety... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The NDP’s Dawdling on Ride Hailing is a Major Disappointment

It’s getting harder and harder to bear the look of bewilderment that visitors to Vancouver give you when you tell them the city does not have Uber, Lyft, or any other ride sharing services. Totally befuddled, they ask, “Wait, Vancouver doesn’t have Uber? At all? Doesn’t B.C. have one of the biggest tech industry sectors... Continue Reading

KPU Plows Ahead with Research Farm Lab Project

The Garden City Lands in Richmond will now be home to Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s new teaching and research farm and seed lab. The project has received a total of $1.68 million in funding from the provincial and federal governments, as well as organic seed industry partners and fundraisers. The B.C. Knowledge Development Fund and the... Continue Reading
Meet the new mascot for KSA Pride designed by Nicola Kwit!

Meet Q, Pride Kwantlen’s New Mascot

LGBTQ+ students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are welcoming the newest member of the Pride collective to the community. From now on, Q the Yeti will be the official mascot of the Pride Kwantlen collective. Joseph Thorpe, the Kwantlen Student Association’s queer students representative, says that Q is a welcome replacement for the old Pride logo.... Continue Reading

Kitchen Culture Serves up Toxicity for Employees

After the tragic passing of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, many people took another look at some of the topics he raised in his book Kitchen Confidential. Just last year, Bourdain expressed regret for his own complacency in—and even glorification of—toxic elements of kitchen culture, namely the unchecked sexism of the back of house. Having spent... Continue Reading
Newly elected ABCS members Joseph Thorpe, Director of Finance and Operations, Noah Berson, Chairperson, and Caitlin McCutchen, Director of Research and Campaigns. (ABCS)
Newly elected ABCS members Joseph Thorpe, Director of Finance and Operations, Noah Berson, Chairperson, and Caitlin McCutchen, Director of Research and Campaigns. (ABCS)

KSA Executives Elected to Positions in the Alliance of BC Students

Kwantlen Student Association President and VP External Caitlin McCutchen and VP Finance & Operations Joseph Thorpe have been elected into two positions in the Alliance of BC Students. McCutchen will be serving as the Alliance’s director of campaigns, taking over from Graduate Society of UBC member Hanna Murray. Thorpe will be filling the position of... Continue Reading
An artistic rendering of what the expanded Museum of Surrey will look like once renovations are complete. (Museum of Surrey)

A Look into Surrey’s 10-Year Parks, Recreation & Culture Strategic Plan

Most Surrey residents can agree that the city’s 200 parks and 35 recreation facilities and community centres go a long way for establishing the beauty and livability of the city. Now, thanks to the Parks, Recreation & Culture strategic plan developed by Surrey Parks Board, the city can look forward to enjoying new and improved... Continue Reading
Former KSA General Manager Jeremy McElroy delivers an opening address at the KSA's 2018 Annual General Meeting. (Joseph Keller)
Former KSA General Manager Jeremy McElroy delivers an opening address at the KSA's 2018 Annual General Meeting. (Joseph Keller)

KSA Bids Farewell to Executive Director

After six years of serving KPU students as the general manager and executive director of the Kwantlen Student Association, Jeremy McElroy has transitioned out of the society. McElroy got involved with the KSA in 2012 and has worked with seven different executive committees since then. He was previously instrumental in implementing the KPU Multipass Program... Continue Reading

Afterthought: What’s on Deck with the New Federal Cabinet Shuffle

Always one of the more exciting parts of the political cycle, cabinet reshuffling is an opportunity for governments to update their roster of ministers to fit the party’s strategy. It’s also a chance for journalists and political junkies to speculate and analyze what each change says about the party’s intentions for the future. This most... Continue Reading
(Yuta Anonuevo)

It’s All Greek To Me: The Future of Frats at KPU

Fraternities and sororities are formal, club-like groups of students who are looking to network socially, engage in community service, and throw legendary parties. Once you have pledged to your chosen frat or sorority house, you have committed to attend and promote house events and initiatives and to support members of other houses and your own.... Continue Reading
New KPU Multifaith Centre chaplain Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi. (Braden Klassen)
New KPU Multifaith Centre chaplain Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi. (Braden Klassen)

Multi-Faith Centre Welcomes Two New Chaplains

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s multi-faith centre has expanded its services to students by recently inviting two new chaplains to join the team. Even though Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi and Pastor Christoph Reiners have only been a part of the Multi-Faith Centre for a few weeks, both chaplains say they are excited to start offering guidance to students... Continue Reading