Proposed bill pushes post-secondary institutions to create sexual assault policies

KPU working towards increased campus safety “for the past two years” Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer, with files from Daniella Javier, Contributor Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver has introduced a bill in the B.C. Legislature that demands post-secondary institutions act effectively on cases of sexual assault. If enacted, the bill will create legal obligations for colleges... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Minimum Wage

Minimum wage should stay where it is Merit, not entitlement by Kyle Prince The minimum wage is being reconsidered in BC as people push to raise it once again to $15 an hour. Only problem is, minimum wage isn’t meant to be living wage. It’s meant to put a bit of spending money into high... Continue Reading

Meet KPU’s Student Ambassadors

Helping build university culture, one student at a time by Kyle Prince and Monica Mah You may have noticed a group of Kwantlen Polytechnic University students flooding your social media accounts with pictures and promotions for everything related to the institution. These are KPU’s Student Ambassadors, and their mission is to “represent the university from... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: The Road More Travelled

LRT is the future of transit in Surrey by Kyrsten Downton Surrey is one of the largest municipalities in B.C. and it is steadily rising. Many people are moving there because of its affordability, but it’s difficult to get around. To help build a stronger city, Surrey is looking into expanding the public transit system.... Continue Reading

“You’re putting your life in the horse’s hands”

A look inside KPU’s farrier program By: Monica Mah & Kyle Prince Have you ever sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a pony? Well, you might not get to bring the horses home with you, but in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s farrier program you’ll learn to care for horses’ hooves by trimming their nails and... Continue Reading

Meet your candidates for the 2016 KSA Election: Faculty Representatives

Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer Preet Hundal, Contributor Photos by Braden Klassen, Contributor Faculty Representatives Faculty of Arts Representative (max. four to be elected) Sarah Barahmeh I am currently a student who studies English and also loves all forms of art. With that passion and love as your representative and fellow Arts... Continue Reading

Meet your candidates for the 2016 KSA Election: Constituency Representatives

Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer Preet Hundal, Contributor Photos by Braden Klassen, Contributor Constituency Representatives International Students Representative (one to be elected) Zubair Ahmed “I would like to bring [solutions to] the problems faced by international students. [People should vote for me] because I can . . . solve the problems faced... Continue Reading

The Ceremony of Myself

A Moon Time testimonial I starkly remember the first day I got my period. I had to go to the bathroom at 4 a.m. in the morning and as soon as I saw red in the toilet bowl, I burst into tears. I felt the beginning of something daunting, as if a new, unexplained responsibility... Continue Reading

The Perks of Joining a Club

Potential for support network beneficial for mental health By: Kyle Prince and Monica Mah Humans are, at heart, social animals. It comes as no surprise that we tend to gather in groups, that we seek communities and use them to help define who we are. The Kwantlen Gaming Guild, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s largest student club... Continue Reading

In Da Club: History Students' Society

A look back in KPU. By Kyle Prince and Monica Mah, contributors In response to a national discussion centring on domestic security and the spread of terrorist groups, in part fed by the controversial Bill C-51, the Kwantlen History Students’ Society is introducing a new monthly PODtalk called “Narratives of Terrorism.” On it, Clea Hargraves... Continue Reading

We're hiring associate editors

We’ve added new associate editor positions and are hiring now.... Continue Reading

Ever After has us chanting 'never again'

Marianas Trench’s Ever After only earns 2.5 out of 5 records.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association special general meeting results

The final vote tallies on motions from the Nov. 30 special general meeting.... Continue Reading

Bill C-10: crime is money

Criminologist Mike Larsen thinks that tough-on-crime legislation will be tough on Canadians’ wallets too.... Continue Reading

An open letter to KSA Council: let us do our jobs

The Runner takes issue with a recent KSA Council resolution.... Continue Reading