The Forest on KPU’s Surrey Campus is Dying

The remaining cedar trees that dot the Surrey campus between the Fir and Main buildings are hardly recognizable for the lush yet inviting forest they once were. Recent work has left heaps of lumber, as well as branches, brambles, and sawdust, strewn about the forest grounds where dense foliage was just under a year ago.... Continue Reading

Turban Tying Event on Surrey Campus Invites Students to Celebrate Diversity

Practitioners of the Sikh faith gathered on KPU’s Surrey campus for the university’s second annual Turban Tying event on the afternoon of Feb. 28. Organizer Gurpreet Singh Sabharwal says the purpose of the event is to celebrate diversity and spread awareness about the significance of the turban in Sikhism. “We want to provide answers to... Continue Reading

KSA Close to Signing Contract with Construction Company for Work on a Student Union Building

Students who started studying at KPU this year might be able to enjoy a student union building (SUB) of their very own before they graduate, according to the Kwantlen Student Association. Murdoch de Mooy, KSA VP University Affairs, says that the current estimation of when the building will potentially be completed is roughly 4.5 years... Continue Reading
UNDATED -- Undated archival handout photo of Viola Desmond. On April 15, 2010, the Nova Scotia legislature will grant a controversial, posthumous pardon to Desmond, whom many consider Canada's Rosa Parks. In 1946 Viola Desmond was arrested and jailed for sitting in the whites-only section of a local cinema. The case ignited the civil rights movement in Canada. MANDATORY CREDIT: HANDOUT PHOTO: Effective Publishing Ltd. For Richard Foot (Canwest) CNS-PARDON

Clarifying Misconceptions About the Black Experience in Canada

The story of Rosa Parks is commonly known in the context of the American Civil rights movement. Less commonly known, even among Canadians, is the story of Viola Desmond, an African Canadian arrested nine years before Rosa Parks for refusing to surrender her seat in a segregated movie theatre in Nova Scotia. Desmond’s image would... Continue Reading

Art Historian Explores the Transformation of Art into Cultural Currency

As part of the ongoing Art Lecture Series at KPU, art historian Dorothy Barenscott gave her talk, “What Happens In Vegas…”, at the Surrey campus on Jan. 16. The lecture focused on the changing cultural landscape of Las Vegas, which Barenscott says serves as a microcosm of the western art world. Barenscott has extensively researched... Continue Reading

Federal Committee to Develop National Framework Governing On-Campus Sexual Violence Policies

During the first meeting of a newly appointed advisory committee tasked with drafting a Canada-wide framework to combat sexual violence in post-secondary institutions, Minister for Women and Gender Equality Maryam Monsef made it clear that the federal standard needs to be raised, according to the National Post. During the meeting, which took place in mid-January, Monsef... Continue Reading

Through Times of Loss, Escapism Can Both Help and Hinder

One foggy Saturday morning in October 2015, distant sirens pulled me from sleep. My phone was still in my hand, where it stayed throughout the night. For reasons unclear at the time, I had developed an obsession with a subreddit called r/Drugs. There, I would voraciously read anonymous stories about hardcore drug addiction, substance abuse,... Continue Reading

B.C. to Offer Post-Secondary Students 24/7 Mental Health Support

According to a press release from the B.C. government, college and university students across the province will soon have access to mental health support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Whether mild or severe, mental-health concerns are very real among post-secondary students who have been calling for action to this important issue... Continue Reading

KPU Should Start Offering Courses on Personal Financing

If you’re anything like me—or just over three quarters of university-aged individuals—personal finance is not your forté. Outside of some mental math once in a while, you likely don’t sit down to calculate your income and manage your expenses accordingly. You probably don’t know much about how the stock market works or investment strategy. Until... Continue Reading

Indigenizing KPU Requires Collective Action

Canada’s history is one of colonization, meaning that our nation is built on the attempt to assimilate and disempower the Indigenous people who lived on this land long before confederation. That’s one of the main reasons why all non-Indigenous Canadians need to work together to create space for reconciliation with the First Nations community. And... Continue Reading

Muslim Student Association Promotes Inclusivity at KPU

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) not only provides representation for KPU’s students of Muslim faith, it’s also a great opportunity to engage in meaningful student interaction. KPU students can earn volunteer hours through event planning and participation, as well as contribute to their community through MSA-hosted outreach programs. “The MSA serves as a way for... Continue Reading

Killer Fascination: How Serial Murderers Become Celebrity Icons

Sometime over the course of your life, morbid curiosity may have taken you down the rabbit hole that is learning about serial killers. Although it’s not often discussed openly, a casual interest in serial killers is fairly common among people; otherwise, the success of contemporary big-budget projects exploiting fascination with the subject, such as The... Continue Reading

Hiring Instructors from Diverse Backgrounds Helps Dismantle Power Structures in Class

In the ceaseless struggle to achieve societal equality, the increasing number of university courses on the past and present oppression of marginalized groups is immensely helpful. When it comes to who should be teaching such courses, is it acceptable to have people in the highest position of privilege—straight, white men—standing at the head of these... Continue Reading