The 319 is, Officially, the Worst

“Move to the baaaack!” is something that anyone who takes the 319 bus route between Newton Exchange and Scott Road station hears a lot. It’s what the driver yells pretty much every time they stop in front of KPU’s Surrey campus during peak hours. For its part, TransLink has proposed to solve the problem by... Continue Reading
Drug Decriminilization Press Conference at BC Legislature.

Provincial Health Officer Calls for Decriminalization of Drug Possession

A report published by the Provincial Health Office entitled Stopping the Harm: Decriminalization of People who Use Drugs in B.C. calls for the possession of illicit drugs to be decriminalized in British Columbia. The report, which was released on April 24, offers a comprehensive argument for how decriminalization is likely to benefit public health in... Continue Reading

More Trees in Surrey Campus Forest at Risk of Getting the Axe

Despite the fact that nearly 70 trees in KPU’s Surrey campus forest were taken down last year, Director of Facilities Service Andrew Chisholm says that permits for more tree removals will likely need to be obtained. For every tree removed on KPU property, a risk assessment report needs to be completed. This document details each... Continue Reading

Nursing is Now Considered a Profession with Presumed Mental Injury

A recent article in The Star Vancouver explains that nurses in B.C. have been added to the list of occupations with a “presumption of workplace mental injury.” This means that they will more easily be able to access services and compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder and other ailments they sustain while at work. Christine Sorensen,... Continue Reading

KPU Takes First and Second Place in International Beer School Championship

Although there may be nothing quite as satisfying as cracking open a cold one with the boys, winning an international championship with the boys might come as a close second. Despite being the newest program in the competition, the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations program took home two gold medals and a silver out of... Continue Reading

From AOC to Malala, Millennials Have Plenty of People to Look Up to

If one thing is certain about millennials, it’s that we’ve got issues. We’re lousy with them. We’re up to our ears with issues. Social issues, economic issues, political issues, environmental issues, discriminatory issues. You name it, we’re living it. Despite what any overly critical pseudo-sociologist Baby Boomer will have you think, these are mostly issues... Continue Reading

Pipeline Pressure Could Go From Bad To Worse After the Albertan Election

Just days before Albertan go to the polls on April 16, residents of B.C.—especially those interested in limiting pipeline expansion—are once again left crossing their fingers for the lesser of two evils. Over the past decade, tensions between Alberta and B.C. have steadily grown. Alberta’s economy thrives on oil and gas, and when British Columbia’s... Continue Reading

Vancouver is Quickly Losing its Music Spaces

The rapidly increasing cost of real estate in Vancouver has caused an unusually high number of music spaces to either downsize or shut their doors. Whether it’s live music venues being forced to close, instructors scrambling to find steady work, or student musicians being shuffled around to different schools, exorbitant rent costs affect Vancouver’s music... Continue Reading

“Namaslay” Combines Yoga and Heavy Metal with Surprising Ease

Beginning and ending in the corpse pose, a session of yoga accompanied by heavy metal music may be a more of a natural combination than one might expect. “Namaslay” debuted at the Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness Centre on March 15, and was led by Kwantlen Polytechnic University creative writing student Chelsea Franz. Janine Lehfeldt,... Continue Reading

Finding Your Niche Helps You Find Yourself

Even within our primary areas of interest, most of us will discover niche, sub-interests that we find endlessly fascinating. For instance, KPU psychology student and animal lover Patricia Naguiat is drawn specifically to researching meerkats. Because they’re her favourite animal, she knows that they are a matriarchal species, that a group of them is called... Continue Reading

Former Convict Discusses Justice Reform at KPU Club-Led Event

By discussing his experience as a victim of relentless abuse both in and outside of the Canadian prison system, Jim Mandelin advocates publicly for the necessity of justice reform. The KPU Prison Justice Club recently hosted an event called “Prison Justice: The Walls That Close In”, which Mandelin attended as a guest speaker. The event... Continue Reading

KPIRG Unable to Meet Quorum at 2019 AGM

The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group opened the nomination period for its board of directors at the beginning of March and closed it on March 19. Two returning directors, Simon Massey and Jagdeep Mangat, ran unopposed. On March 29, KPIRG held its annual general meeting in order to elect the new board and to approve... Continue Reading

The Forest on KPU’s Surrey Campus is Dying

The remaining cedar trees that dot the Surrey campus between the Fir and Main buildings are hardly recognizable for the lush yet inviting forest they once were. Recent work has left heaps of lumber, as well as branches, brambles, and sawdust, strewn about the forest grounds where dense foliage was just under a year ago.... Continue Reading

Turban Tying Event on Surrey Campus Invites Students to Celebrate Diversity

Practitioners of the Sikh faith gathered on KPU’s Surrey campus for the university’s second annual Turban Tying event on the afternoon of Feb. 28. Organizer Gurpreet Singh Sabharwal says the purpose of the event is to celebrate diversity and spread awareness about the significance of the turban in Sikhism. “We want to provide answers to... Continue Reading

KSA Close to Signing Contract with Construction Company for Work on a Student Union Building

Students who started studying at KPU this year might be able to enjoy a student union building (SUB) of their very own before they graduate, according to the Kwantlen Student Association. Murdoch de Mooy, KSA VP University Affairs, says that the current estimation of when the building will potentially be completed is roughly 4.5 years... Continue Reading