How to Save Money as a Student

Alleviate your student debt one home-cooked meal at a time Isabella Scholda According to the Canadian Federation of Students, 65 per cent of the province’s full-time undergraduate student population is in debt. Whether you’re amongst them or not, here are some handy tips on how to save money during your time at KPU. It may... Continue Reading

From the Editors: On Diversity

The Runner Editorial Board Institutions need to be representative of the communities they serve. We see the importance of this concept reflected daily, when reports of predominantly white police forces failing to protect and serve largely black neighborhoods fill our newspapers and feeds. The need for accurate representation is particularly crucial in media, where groups... Continue Reading

Learning to Love Your Blood

I remember the first the first time I got my period. I was 10 years old, and it came right before school. I was sent to class with a note for my teacher, in which my mom explained what had happened. When I nervously handed over the letter, my teacher responded, “Congratulations!” and gave me a hug. Suddenly I felt better—maybe this weird thing that had happened was something I should be celebrating, after all.... Continue Reading

What’s up, KDocs?

A sneak peek at three documentaries featured in KPU’s upcoming festival KDOCS is KPU’s annual documentary festival, wherein a variety of documentary films are screened in order to engage with “various and varied communities” through dialogue and critical thinking. Ivory Tower By Awais Mushtaq, contributor Ivory Tower, one of the documentaries to be featured at... Continue Reading

A Healthier KPYOU

Thrive Week tells us how to stay physically and mentally healthy on campus by Kyle Prince & Monica Mah No matter the campus, all Kwantlen Polytechnic University students face similar problems. But whether you’re looking for good place to eat or a relaxing way to de-stress after exams, there are resources available for the beleaguered... Continue Reading
Rosaura Ojeda / The Runner

The Runner Debate: The Niqab

Demanding niqab removal threatens charter rights Harper’s suggestion is fundamentally flawed by Alyssa Laube The Tories seem to love repressing Canadians’ freedom of religion and expression. This year, they supported Quebec’s Bill-62, which aimed to ban “face-covering religious garments for public servants.” Now, their gaze has fallen on niqab-wearing women swearing in as Canadian citizens.Back... Continue Reading
Pifanida / The Runner

The Runner Debate: Kanye West

Kanye West is misunderstood: Waste your energy on someone else. Tristan Johnston, Staff Writer Kanye West has become the undeserved punching bag of popular music. He has never hurt anyone, and merely interrupted a handful of “awards shows” that would be long forgotten if it weren’t for his interference. However, it would be difficult to... Continue Reading

Soaring Higher

Kwantlen’s own Eagles are reaching new heights. By Kyle Prince and Monica Mah, contributors The PacWest Basketball award is given out once a year to exceptional players throughout the national Pacific Western region, and this year two of KPU’s very own brought fame and recognition to the university. Shilpa Khanna and Matt Cooley flew the highest... Continue Reading

Roger Waters to tear down The Wall

Roger Waters runs like hell to B.C. Place on Saturday, May. 26. ... Continue Reading
(Center) SAM WORTHINGTON as Perseus in a scene from Warner Bros. Pictures™ and Legendary Pictures action adventure WRATH OF THE TITANS,€ a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Wrath of the Titans shows epic battles

Wrath of the Titans hits theatres today, March 30.... Continue Reading

Zeus's Busting Visions makes detour to the '70s

Zeus’s Busting Visions seems to take a while to find itself.... Continue Reading
Reflect the vibrance of Spring in your wardrobe by donning solid, bright colours. Mitch Thompson/The Runner.

Spring cravings

Spring is creeping up on us, and to get ready it’s time to stock up on some bright pieces.... Continue Reading
This painting of Nelson and Granville Street is just one of 1,000 images that Vanderhill will share with followers of Illustrated Vancouver. Painting of Nelson & Granville 2009, by Taralee Guild. Used with permission.

Illustrated Vancouver, a view on the city

An exclusive interview with Jason Vanderhill, curator of image-blog Illustrated Vancouver.... Continue Reading

Nightwish's Imaginarium leads in the right direction

Nightwish’s Imaginarium will make you want to slay dragons.... Continue Reading

Evanescence's self-titled third album coasts

Amy Lee still belts it out on her third album, but it’s nothing new.... Continue Reading