Rise Of The Apes shows a few holes

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Game Of Thrones is your summer rainy-day solution

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Last Stand

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Peter F. Hamilton's The Evolutionary Void concludes The Void book series

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Simmons Clan kick Gene in the Family Jewels

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Charles Bradley's got No Time For Dreaming

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Theatre Under The Stars brings depth to young actors

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"Dis-con-nect" by Roxanne Charles

Surreyalists launch the Psychologically There exhibition in Gastown

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Latincouver branches into the city's mainstream

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The Dominican Republic is filled with luscious fruit, bright blue skies and the most beautiful beaches. Photo by Katrina Pederson.

Eat, drink and shop in the Dominican Republic

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Kari Michaels is one of the three founders of WOOW, and a prominent female figure at Kwantlen and in the KSA.Photo by Kyle Benning

WOOW poised to smash glass ceilings

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A denim shirt over a cute summer dress is a quick fashion fox when heading to the beach. Photo by Rachelle Nienkaemper.

Denim is back and blue

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X-Men First Class is in

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