How effective is math education in Canada?

Canadian organisation WISEMath is critical of the way math is taught in our schools According to a movement of parents and educators around the country, the way math has commonly been taught in Canada in recent years is fundamentally flawed. “We have concerns about the math curriculum across western Canada,” says Anna Stokke, professor at... Continue Reading

Get involved with some of KPU’s most active clubs

If you have a passion, chances are there’s a club for you University life extends well beyond the classroom. Sure, many students can go through their KPU careers only doing what they need to do to earn their degrees, but for those of us looking to find something more out of our time here at... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Fraternities & Sororities: The Pro Side

Despite the bad rap, fraternities might just be what KPU needs Click here to read the other side! Recent rumblings from the Kwantlen Student Association and the Alliance of BC Students about the possibility of one day building student housing on campus have gotten me thinking about what our young university could look like a... Continue Reading

Canada’s Inter-Provincial Trade Nightmare

How provincial bureaucracy created a confusing and expensive mess for business to navigate One might assume that doing domestic business in Canada would not only be a preference of Canadian companies looking to encourage economic growth, but also the cheaper and simpler option over conducting business abroad. And yet, a July 8 meeting of provincial... Continue Reading

KPU Students Ask, “Does the Bible Make Sense?”

Weekly group discussion hosted by Kwantlen Christian Fellowship and Multi-Faith Center The mostly empty halls of Kwantlen Polytechnic University on a Saturday afternoon in summer are good place to ask some of the big questions. This is precisely what a group of spiritually-minded students have been doing throughout the summer as they gathered in the... Continue Reading

KPU Students, Faculty, Come Together to Present Jag and the American

Plastic Theater Company’s debut performance brings together Hemingway classics   A year of hard work came to fruition this month for Plastic Theater Company as the brand new theater troupe, formed by KPU students and english department faculty, gave their debut performance at the Cultch on August 5 and 6. Their play, Jag and the... Continue Reading

B.C. Invests $3 Million in Trades at KPU

Investment will fund 1,238 seats in trades programs A recently announced investment of $3-million by the provincial government will open 1,238 new seats at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s tech campus in Cloverdale. The funding is for education in trade fields such as welding, electrical, automotive, millwright, and carpentry, all of which are expected to be in... Continue Reading
The Grassroots cafe (Joseph Keller)

KSA announces improvements to campus shuttle, Grassroots Cafe

Free WiFi and purchasable craft beer for all The Kwantlen Student Association recently announced two new quality of (student) life enhancements for the upcoming semester. Come September, intercampus shuttles will feature free on-board WiFi, and patrons of the Grassroots cafe will be treated to craft beer on tap, possibly brewed right here at KPU. Though... Continue Reading

PREVIEW: Jag and the American premieres this weekend at the Cultch

Plastic Theater Company’s debut performance brings together two Hemingway classics Two Hemingway classics will be reimagined with a South Asian flare this weekend on August 5 and 6 at the Cultch in East Van when a new theater company put together by KPU students and faculty takes the stage. The play was directed by KPU professors... Continue Reading

Are we going too easy on Trudeau's Liberals?

We overwhelmingly approve of the new government, but are we overlooking its flaws? Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal government is now well into its first year in power, and if recent data is to be believed Canada’s love affair with its dreamy-eyed PM is still going strong. Polls from Forum Research over the last few months... Continue Reading

Two Vancouver dispensaries forgo doctor’s notes

You no longer require a medical reason to buy The end of cannabis prohibition nation-wide is coming to Canada at a snail’s pace, but two Vancouver dispensaries are no longer waiting for the feds’ go ahead. Whether using for medical reasons are just looking to enjoy a lazy afternoon, anyone over 18 can now acquire... Continue Reading

One year later, city cannabis regulations remain a point of contention

Cannabis activists, dispensaries at odds with city council over regulatory bylaws Nearly a year ago Vancouver became the first city in Canada to regulate the sale of medical cannabis in dispensaries. A vote from the city council in July last year set in motion a process of developing and enforcing a strict set of bylaws... Continue Reading

Where have all the smart people gone?

A look at the perceived ‘Brain Drain’ in Canada Where is Canadian talent going? It’s a question that has been asked in Canada for some time. The phenomenon of skilled Canadians looking abroad for better opportunity has been noticed by analysts as far back as the 1860s, and fear of the dreaded “brain drain” reached... Continue Reading

The Problem With First-Past-the-Post

Here’s why three out of four of our major political parties want to change our electoral system. One of the many talking points you might notice during this extended election season has been the issue of the election itself—namely, the system by which we elect our government. Currently we have three of the four major... Continue Reading

Vanc-Uber Needs to Become a Reality

Metro Vancouver’s laws against ridesharing have us trailing other metropolises. Having been on exchange in Vienna for a month now, I can say that one of the highlights of living abroad is the opportunity to sample products that are not available to you back home. For me this product has been Uber, a service that’s... Continue Reading