Kwantlen’s Multi-Faith Centre Expands to Surrey Campus

All creeds or no creed at all. New centre opens for KPU’s spiritual needs. With a student body as diverse as that of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, any faith-based service offered by the institution needs to be all inclusive. This is the line of thinking behind KPU’s multi-faith centres. Billed as “a coalition of diverse faith... Continue Reading

Pride Kwantlen Marches in Vancouver Pride Parade

KPU represented at BC’s largest LGBT event Members of Pride Kwantlen took part in the festivities at the annual Vancouver PrideParade on Aug. 2 to represent and celebrate Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s LGBTQ community. As with previous years, Pride Kwantlen members drove a float in the yearly parade. Spearheading Kwantlen’s participation in the event was Kwantlen... Continue Reading

The ‘Green Pope’ Just Might Save the Catholic Church

Pope Francis’ encyclical is a move in the right direction for the church When Pope Francis released his unprecedented encyclical this past June, he did more than just provide a valuable tool for those fighting for sustainable energy solutions. He may have also made an important step toward saving his Church from its ongoing decline.... Continue Reading

Protecting B.C.’s Freshwater, the Wrong Way

Petition to charge corporations more for groundwater is misguided As temperatures soar and British Columbia’s drought carries on, and as restrictions on water use become ever tighter, many B.C. residents have been understandably shocked and angered to learn that multinational corporate giant and literal manifestation of Satan Nestlé continues to legally extract the province’s groundwater... Continue Reading

Vote for Me or the Terrorists Will get You: Fear and the 2015 Election

Let’s keep some perspective when we head to the polls One thing you may notice as the election season ramps up is that there’s been a lot of talk about terrorism. This isn’t particularly surprising, simply because terrorism (and fear of terrorism) has been something of a theme for more than a decade, and the... Continue Reading
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They Said No: What’s next for Surrey transit post-plebiscite?

Surrey Mayor to press ahead with transit improvements “I was of course disappointed, but not surprised,” Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner told The Runner while reflecting upon that the results of the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite, which revealed that the people of her city were overwhelmingly against the “Yes” campaign. It was a setback for the... Continue Reading

Love in this Club: Cricket Returns to Kwantlen

Kwantlen Cricket Club to open for new semester With recent slashes made to the Kwantlen Polytechnic University athletics budget, it’s been something of a bleak summer for KPU athletes. Athletes looking to fill the gap left by the varsity teams may find their answer with KPU’s newest club, dedicated to the Commonwealth’s favorite sport. Having... Continue Reading

Beer lovers unite for Vancouver Craft Beer Festival

Over 100 brewers come together to celebrate Vancity’s booming industry Walk into any pub in Vancouver, take a look at the taps and you’ll see an array of strange and unique beers most likely brewed somewhere in-province. This is a stark change from just a few years ago when all the average bar was likely... Continue Reading
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Vancouver passes cannabis dispensary regulations, draws ire from feds

Becomes the first city in Canada to regulate dispensaries With a unanimous vote by Vancouver City Council, the city will become the first in Canada to regulate dispensaries selling cannabis for medical purposes. The decision will see the city issuing business licenses to sellers that meet the city’s requirements. Vancouver is already host to nearly... Continue Reading
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KSA to launch ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign

Upcoming project will encourage students to get out and vote in federal election Student voters could potentially have a huge impact on the upcoming federal election, if we can overcome our historically low turnout rates on election day. That’s why the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) is hoping to drive up voter turnout among KPU students... Continue Reading

KPU staff rally to keep continuous intake courses accessible

Proposed changes would have students paying more for Adult Basic Education. Proposed changes to KPU’s pricing model for various continuous intake programs could soon have students paying significantly more for Academic and Career preparation courses, domestic ESL classes and Adult Basic Education, unless instructors can change the minds of university brass. Up to this point,... Continue Reading

How to turn yourself into a bill-fighting superhero

Let’s get rid of C-51 once and for all. Bill C-51 is a terrible piece of legislation. It was drawn up in a ridiculously short time in a moment of national tragedy and fear, without the reflection or consideration required for legislation that seeks to provide a means of exemption to the Charter of Rights... Continue Reading

Sensible B.C.'s budding influence

The meeting is held in a housing co-op in East Vancouver on a sunny mid-February afternoon. People of all types crowd into the makeshift meeting room where, for a few of the latecomers, it’s standing room only. A humble beginning to a campaign with big ambitions.... Continue Reading

Video Game Logic: First impressions of Darkest Dungeon

Genre: Turn based dungeon crawler Release: February 2015 (Early Access) Platforms: Windows, PS4 (on completion) Writer’s note: Darkest Dungeon is an early access title and as such its content is continually being tweaked, fixed and expanded upon. What follows are my thoughts on the game in its current state as of March 4, 2015 and... Continue Reading

Culture around KPU

The Runner’s guide to culture centres south of the Fraser. If you know where to look, the communities around KPU offer some great arts and cultural scenes for anyone who doesn’t want to trek all the way down to Vancouver. The Runner has curated what we believe are the biggest and best hotspots for South... Continue Reading