Federation Of Post Secondary Educators Campaigns For “Precarious Profs”

For thousands of college and university instructors across the province, job security is far from guaranteed. In B.C., around 30 per cent of post-secondary faculty and staff are employed on a part-time or temporary basis. According to the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia, the working conditions for these educators are not equal to... Continue Reading

KDocs Talks Wants to Talk About Docs, K?

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s yearly documentary film festival, KDocs, has introduced its own small-scale take on the TED Talks format. The videos in the series, titled KDocs Talks, are presented in a similar format as the festival’s existing footage of past keynote speeches, but will feature a higher production value. “I think viewers will get the... Continue Reading

A Radical Tradition: KPU Prof. Explores Vancouver’s History of Anarchism and Punk Rock

In his upcoming book, Kwantlen Polytechnic University history professor Dr. Eryk Martin explores Vancouver’s history of radicalism through the lenses of anarchism and punk rock. Martin was inspired to write Black Flags Rising: Anarchism, Activism, and the Vancouver Five, 1967-1984 because of his own experiences growing up amidst the Vancouver-area counterculture. He says that the... Continue Reading

KPU to Admit Six New Students Based on Portfolios, Not Grades

The days of provincial exams and GPAs may be coming to an end in B.C. thanks in part to a project by Kwantlen Polytechnic University Educational Studies professor David Burns and his team. Burns, who is the primary investigator for the Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator (KEPI), believes that a letter grade is not the best... Continue Reading

MacMillan House Offers A Place for Recovery amid Vancouver’s Opioid and Housing Crises

Rick Vickers has been in and out of recovery for most of his life. He says that he can’t stay clean without a safe place to live, but believes that he has now found that safe place at Surrey’s MacMillan House. MacMillan House is run by the Lookout Society which operates shelters, psychiatric facilities, safe... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association Prepares 2018 Budget for Final Approval

The Kwantlen Student Association’s 2018 budget has been drafted by its finance committee and is scheduled to receive final approval at the next KSA Council meeting on Dec. 15. Toward the end of each year, the KSA Finance & Operations Committee works to create a plan for how the association will use the money entrusted... Continue Reading

Net Neutrality in Canada Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

As the United States’ short-lived protections for net neutrality are being cut down, Canadians can seemingly rest easy knowing that our government is committed to strengthening affordable access to the web. But how safe is the internet in Canada if our southern neighbors go through with the FCC’s plans to sacrifice the consumer to the... Continue Reading

KPU Students Develop Clean Composting Technology

A group of KPU students have designed a product that has the potential to raise the rate of composting in Surrey. With the help of the City of Surrey, the group has spent over a year researching and developing a solution for issues preventing composting in multi-residential buildings. They are now in the process of... Continue Reading

KPU President Evaluates Vision 2018

In 2013, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University administration formed a committee to plan the goals they wanted the institution to achieve in the near future. Over the next nine months, the university devised and implemented a strategic plan they called Vision 2018. The plan primarily focuses on three themes for KPU to exemplify in the achievement... Continue Reading
Municipal and provincial politicians gathered in Vancouver for the annual UBCM convention. Green party leader Andrew Weaver addresses the UBCM convention.

Andrew Weaver Introduces Measure to Protect University Independence

KPU President Alan Davis doesn’t believe the bill is necessary, but is interested in hearing the debate Last month, B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver reintroduced a private member’s bill to the B.C. legislature that is intended to “halt the creeping government interference in university governance.” First introduced in February, Bill M204 would amend the... Continue Reading

Surrey Homeless and Housing Society Offers $1 million for Innovative Housing Solutions

The society is seeking ways of helping the homeless that “haven’t been tried” The Surrey Homeless and Housing Society is offering $1 million in funding for projects promising “innovative” housing projects for low income people. The offer comes at a time when the homeless population in Surrey has risen dramatically, in part due to the... Continue Reading

KPU Offers More than 50 Arts Courses with No Textbook Costs as Part of “Zed Cred” Program

Thanks to a $35,000 grant from BCcampus, KPU continues to lead the way in open education resources According to advocacy group BCcampus, Kwantlen Polytechnic University is leading the way for open education, and has adopted more open education resources than any other post-secondary institution in the province. Now, to further dedicate themselves to offering open... Continue Reading

KSA Student Rights Centre Reports Discussed at Council Meeting, Still Not Released

  Multiple iterations of a yearly report from the Kwantlen Student Association outlining student-reported issues with the university’s structure and policies remain unreleased. The reports detail anonymous case studies of students who have gone to the KSA’s Student Rights Centre for assistance, and offers recommendations for improvement to Kwantlen Polytechnic University. “What we want people... Continue Reading

How KPU Advertises Itself on a Budget

Post-secondary institutions wage a marketing war to win over students, and Surrey is their battleground KPU students who take transit to get around might notice that their university has stepped up its advertising efforts lately, with ads appearing on dozens of buses and SkyTrains across Metro Vancouver. “We’ve never operated with a big bank account.... Continue Reading

Business Students Help Provide School Supplies to Kids in Need

In-Need No-More was started as part of KPU’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program Three students in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Entrepreneurial Leadership program have turned their practicum into an opportunity to help kids in need. Matthew Wollin, Tyler Carmont, and Chad Nehring launched In-Need No-More in early October after laying groundwork and putting together a business plan... Continue Reading