Decolonial Discourse: The Walk for Reconciliation

We can walk to reconcile, but can we make the distance to find the truth? Reconciliation has been talked about a lot in Canada lately, but are institutionally organized public events enough to restore what’s been taken from Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island through the Indian Residential School system? At the Walk for Reconciliation on... Continue Reading

Decolonial Discourse: Trudeau Splits INAC in Two

Dividing INAC will not improve the quality of life for Indigenous Canadians Justin Bige, Contributor Where decolonization seeks the demise of colonial hydras, such as the department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Justin Trudeau instead splits one head into two. The Liberal government has divided INAC into the Ministry of Crown-Indigenous Relations and... Continue Reading

Decolonial Discourse: The Stó:lō Kidnapping of Indigenous People

The Fraser River gold rush kidnappings are symptomatic of violent colonization Justin Bige, Contributor Stó:lō children used to be kidnapped for slave labour during the Fraser River gold rush of 1858, CBC News reported on Aug. 19. A historian named Keith Carlson found evidence that in that year an eight year-old Stó:lō Nation boy was... Continue Reading

What Do We Celebrate?

Remembering 150 years of violent colonialism through the erasure of Indigenous peoples Justin Bige, Contributor Would you celebrate the existence of a culture that claims to own the land that you and your people have lived on for 10 times longer than those who colonized it? How about 100 times? Or 1000? The first of... Continue Reading

Decolonial Discourse: The Fatigue of Cultural Appropriation

Justin Bige, Contributor Indigenous people, especially artists, don’t have the time to educate and listen to repetitive commentary while dealing with the actual impact of cultural appropriation. In the past year alone, cultural appropriation has been made visible to the Canadian public in incidents with notable artists, photographers, writers, and more. For Indigenous people, and... Continue Reading

B.C. Election: A Provincial Election on Unceded Territory

The complications of voting for Indigenous people in Canada Justin Bige Encouraging Indigenous people to vote seems like an obvious suggestion for the First Nations to make in advance of the upcoming election, but such participation can actually be silencing rather than empowering. In a representative government like British Columbia’s, to have a choice in... Continue Reading

B.C. Election: The Liberals have Failed British Columbians on Climate Action

Justin Bige, Contributor This election, the continued exploitation of B.C. land is at stake. From the constant issuing of permits for projects like the Mount Polley mine, Trans Mountain’s pipeline expansion, and the Site C Dam, to the subsequent lack of consultation with First Nations, this election will determine who makes important decisions regarding the... Continue Reading