Slamapalooza Poetry Team Welcomes New Leadership in 2019

The organizers of Slamapalooza, KPU’s monthly poetry slam competition, have some big things planned for the new year. The slam team—as well as the trip they take to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, where Slamapalooza poets compete with other teams from across the country—has long been helmed by Simon Massey. For years he has... Continue Reading

KSA Indigenous Reps Hope to “Revive Your Spirit” in Late November

A lot of post-secondary students feel overworked. This can seriously affect their overall academic performance and, more importantly, their mind and body. To address this, the Kwantlen Student Association’s Indigenous Students Representative, Sarah Strachan, along with former Indigenous Rep. Samantha Davis, are hosting a series of events from Nov. 20 to Nov. 23 entitled “Revive... Continue Reading

KPU Slam Poetry Team Competes in Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Attending the Canadian Festival Of Spoken Word (CFSW) is a longstanding tradition among Canadian slam poets. The annual festival is held in a different city each year, and for 2018, poets from all over the country gathered in Guelph to compete against one another. They also attended workshops, panels, and showcases designed to help them... Continue Reading

Kissing Taboo Goodbye with Sylvia Grace Borda

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s inaugural artist in residence, Sylvia Grace Borda, spoke on Oct. 24 about an exhibition of hers entitled The Kissing Project. During the first half of the event, she provided context for attendees about how kissing appears in art. Kissing first emerges in historical depictions as familial and non-romantic in Madonna and Child,... Continue Reading

Radio Noir Just Got a Whole Lot Funnier

In case you haven’t heard of it, Phantom Signal is an anthology series based on radio noir, presented as if it is going live to air. Despite its roots in radio, it is performed on stage in front of a live audience after only a couple of rehearsals, which the cast believes gives the show... Continue Reading

Festive Things to do this Halloween Season

There is so much to do this month. Between midterms, work, and day-to-day stress, who has time for Halloween? You do. No excuses, kids. There is something for everyone in October, even the faint-of-heart. To start with the least spooky (or the spookiest depending on your personality), Ellen DeGeneres is coming to town. You can... Continue Reading

KPU’s ORGASM Research Lab Provides Climactic Opportunities

KPU psychology instructor Dr. Cory Pedersen created a lab in 2007 to develop projects for her class on adolescent development and human sexuality. It wasn’t until 2011, however, that it developed into the Observations and Research in Gender and Sexuality Matters (ORGASM) research lab. “At that time, the lab was reinvented to include any student... Continue Reading

Training of the Shrew Thinks Outside the Box(ing Ring)

One line from William Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew—”Knock, sir! Whom should I knock? Is there a man has rebused your worship?”—began it all. “‘Whom should I knock, sir?’— and all of a sudden I pictured boxing gloves,” says Fred Ribkoff, an instructor at KPU as well as the co-director and co-writer of Training of... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild Hosts Chapbook Making Workshop

The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild, a club for writing students at KPU, hosted a chapbook-making workshop with Surrey-based poet Kevin Spenst on Aug. 20. Chapbooks are small paperback booklets which typically contain self-published poems or short fiction. Making and distributing them is an inexpensive way for emerging writers to publish their work. Jennifer Pham, the... Continue Reading

Hot Festivals to Attend this August

Summer is almost over, and for a lot of us that means that it’s time to panic. Having spent most of July thanking my lucky stars that summer had finally rolled around, I neglected to take part in all the festivities that make for a memorable staycation. Fortunately, August in Greater Vancouver has something fun... Continue Reading

The “First-Year Experience” at KPU Isn’t so Fresh, Man

I can’t blame Kwantlen Polytechnic University students if they feel let down about their first year at university. Rather than a year full of friends, parties, and ramen noodles, we face stress, student loans, and a lack of school spirit. Likely the biggest difference between the expectation that new students have about their first year... Continue Reading

How Much Is The Surrey LRT Going to Cost Anyway?

The final cost of the Surrey Light Rail Transit project has not been released to the public. This is because the cost is dependent on when construction will actually take place—a topic still being debated—and is dependent on the value of the land that it will be built on. The cost of property is always... Continue Reading

Slamapalooza Places 13th at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Student and poet Justin Bige says it was “life changing” to see poets in final rounds The Kwantlen Polytechnic University Slam Poetry Team, known as Slamapalooza, placed 13th out of 22 teams from around the country at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. In a poetry slam, writers fuse poetry with performance and compete for... Continue Reading

Arguing the Exile or Excellence of Modern Poetry

Poet and KPU student Al-Hunaidi responds to Solway’s essay “O Poetry Where Art Thou?” In an essay published last month entitled “O Poetry Where Art Thou?” Canadian essayist and poet David Solway, writing for C2C Journal, says that he is “awaiting the return of poetry from cultural exile.” “Most of the poetry written today …... Continue Reading