KPU International Hosts its Second Annual Diwali Fest in Surrey

In celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights important to several religions including Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, KPU International hosted their second annual Diwali Fest on Nov. 10. The event sold out, accommodating 200 people—including staff and volunteers—who packed into the Surrey campus gymnasium from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Many attendees were dressed in... Continue Reading

Crossing Canada as an Amateur Cyclist

As the second largest country in the world, the challenge of riding across Canada has beckoned cyclists from far and wide. Some see it as a challenge; they want to prove to themselves that they have what it takes to make it all the way across. Some make the voyage to fundraise for charities, while... Continue Reading

Single Mother Becky Zhou’s Campaign for City Council is Personal

This year’s election for Surrey City Council is hotly contested, with dozens of candidates vying for just eight spots. While every candidate has a unique reason for running, Becky Zhou—a realtor and single mother of two—is driven by a more personal story than most. For Zhou, who is one of the first Chinese-Canadians to run... Continue Reading

Strong Women Paved the Way to Graduation for KPU Student Rimi Afroze

For recent KPU graduate Rimi Afroze, taking part in spring convocation signified “a triumph for many girls and women who still think that they are lesser than men.” In her home country, which she chose to leave unnamed, Afroze faced ostracism and misogyny as she pursued her education. She recalls being escorted to school every... Continue Reading
Cycling through Burn's Bog. Victoria Day practice ride with a group of fellow Hong Kong bicycling enthusiasts. (Kristine Hui)
Cycling through Burn's Bog. Victoria Day practice ride with a group of fellow Hong Kong bicycling enthusiasts. (Kristine Hui)

I’m Leaving the Nest to Bike Across Canada

Every year for the last six years, I’ve asked myself if I would ever achieve my dream of biking across Canada. Now, I’m finally getting ready to begin the seven-week trip that will take me to the opposite side of the country alongside 19 other riders. When I think about the 7,550 kilometre journey ahead... Continue Reading

Canadian Student Organizations Release Joint Publication on Campus Sexual Violence

While sexual violence can occur to anyone in any place, students are particularly vulnerable to such behaviour while on campus. To address this problem, the B.C. government passed Bill 23, which requires all post-secondary institutions in the province to implement policies that prevent and respond to instances of sexual assault. Colleges and universities had until... Continue Reading

Keeping Kayfabe in the Local World of Wrestling

While many Canadians were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, those in New Westminster’s Sapperton Pensioners Hall spent May 5 crowded around a makeshift wrestling ring. “Cinco de Mayhem” was the name of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling’s latest event, which saw the typically tranquil Pensioners Hall transformed into a wrestling arena. Founded in 1996, ECCW is currently... Continue Reading
A promotional image released by the Project Trumpmore website.(
Antarctic iceberg in the snow

Climate Change Activists are Fundraising to Carve Trump’s Face into a Glacier

One evening not long ago, three Finnish friends got together for a couple beers. The melting ice on the beer glasses prompted the friends to discuss the melting ice caps and the gravity of climate change. One thought led to another and eventually an idea emerged—to carve the face of political indifference to the melting... Continue Reading

KPU Langley Hosts Third Annual Brewing Career Fair

The third annual Brewing Career Fair was held at the KPU Langley campus on Feb. 26. Representatives from 22 breweries across the province were in attendance, including Four Winds Brewing, Parallel 49, Moody Ales, and Faculty Brewing. The fair was hosted by Ken Beatty, a brewing instructor in the program. The Helles Lager and Dubbel,... Continue Reading

Could Trump Happen Here?

KPU criminology instructor Dr. Jeff Shantz recently published an article on Rabble, an online progressive magazine, concerning the possibility of a Trump-like figure ascending to power in Canada. In the article, Shantz describes the presence of two Canadas: the superficial Canada which celebrates its multiculturalism, and the “other” Canada, which has had a long history... Continue Reading

KPU Brewing Student Leaves Program, Returns as an Instructor

Last September, Jon Howe returned to school by enrolling in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Brewing and Brewery Operations Program. A year later he returned again—this time as an instructor. Prior to coming to KPU, Howe earned a degree in Biology at UBC and worked as a researcher at the UBC Hospital studying fetal alcohol syndrome. As... Continue Reading

The Great Canadian Baking Show Features KPU Physics Prof.

Dr. James Hoyland took some time off from teaching to try his hand at becoming “Star Baker” Canadian fans of The Great British Bake Off can now rejoice, as the show has finally made its way here in the form of The Great Canadian Baking Show. The inaugural season was shot in northern Toronto over... Continue Reading

Lucy Sager is a Fish Out of Water in the Liberal Leadership Race

Of the seven candidates vying to be the B.C. Liberal’s next party leader, one stands out for deliberately branding herself as “not a politician.” Lucy Sager, who hails from Terrace, B.C., is campaigning on a platform based largely on having no prior political experience. According to her LinkedIn profile, most of Sager’s career has been... Continue Reading

Learning to Drink Beer Professionally

KPU’s sensory classes help brewing students perfect their palates While drinking beer during a Monday morning class might sound like a bad idea, it’s just a normal part of the school day for students in KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations program. Developing a well-informed palate is critical for future brewers so that they can make... Continue Reading

Meet KPU’s Ladies Who Brew

The brewing industry lacks gender diversity, but these women hope to change that Beer is sometimes seen as the quintessential “man’s drink,” so perhaps it’s not surprising that the beer industry is a male-dominated one. But when KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations instructor Nancy More began her career in the industry over 38 years ago,... Continue Reading