Former Youth in Care Make Good Use of B.C.’s Tuition Waiver Program

Following the B.C. government’s decision to waive tuition fees for former youth in care at post-secondary institutions, ex-foster kids have been flocking towards colleges and universities across the province. According to The Province, there are currently 687 students in B.C. who are utilising the tuition waivers, compared to the 189 documented in 2017. Laura Vail,... Continue Reading

An On-Campus Mental Health Clinic Would Help KPU Students in Need

There are currently 90 walk-in mental health clinics in B.C. Anyone suffering from high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health maladies can drop into these clinics without the hassle of having to make appointments or get a referral from a doctor. Recently, the University of British Columbia opened a mental health clinic... Continue Reading

University of Regina Begins Offering Fall Reading Break

Offered for the first time this November, students at the University of Regina enjoyed a week-long respite from classes as part of a fall reading break. According to U of R Registrar Jim D’Arcy, a holiday from Nov. 7 to Nov.  13 was added to the fall semester as part of a mental health initiative... Continue Reading

Politicians Unfaithful to Their Partners Will Likely Be Unfaithful to The Public

It seems like infidelity, once a rare topic of discussion, now plagues our media. Whether it’s a famous politician, singer, or actor, being unfaithful to a partner has essentially been normalized these days. You can tell that the times have changed by comparing scandals from the past and the present. It took the world a... Continue Reading

Queer Representation Doesn’t Work if LGBTQ+ Roles Aren’t Meaningful

According to the GLAAD Media Institute, more queer characters than ever are joining the casts of some of today’s most popular TV shows. Members of the LGBTQ+ community can get excited about seeing someone who shares an identity with them on screen. However, accompanying this increase are even more negative and stereotypical depictions of LGBTQ+... Continue Reading

KPU Should Have More Staff, Equipment at its First Aid Office

With the news that an SFU student died recently while writing an exam, it’s a good time to take a look at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s first aid office. While it’s there for students in case of certain medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, it might not always be able to help students with chronic illnesses,... Continue Reading

They’re Sexy, They’re Sweet—But They’re Also Your Instructor

Most students have been attracted to a teacher at some point in their lives, but relationships between the two have been a controversial topic for a long time. In most of Canada, student-instructor relationships are not banned, but the age of consent does prohibit younger students from being involved in romantic or sexual relationships with... Continue Reading

New Poll Finds that Canadians Don’t Know About the Women Who Shaped their History

As part of women’s history month, Historica Canada published an article which states that approximately 55 per cent of Canadians are uninformed about the accomplishments of Canadian women. Of the roughly 1,000 Canadians aged 18 or over who were surveyed, many were unable to pass a test about the role of women in Canadian politics,... Continue Reading

When Faith Lets you Down, Pick Yourself Back up

Since news broke that 300 priests in Pennsylvania were being accused of sexually assaulting more than 1000 children, members of the Catholic faith have been expressing their disappointment in the Church. While this is only the latest in a series of Catholic sexual abuse cases that have come to light, hugely upsetting scandals like this... Continue Reading

Keep Yourself and Others Safe by Understanding Consent

All over British Columbia, universities like Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria are working on campaigns to educate students about consent. Through videos, events, and online information, the topic is becoming more and more prevalent. Student governments en masse are encouraging people to learn what consent is and... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Gaming Guild Looks to Recapture Former Glory

After it was founded in 2014, the Kwantlen Gaming Guild quickly became one of the most successful student groups at KPU. It boasted a large membership comprised of students from almost every campus and held a number of well-attended events. Several of its executives even went on to fill important positions within the Kwantlen Student... Continue Reading