KSA to hold public budget consultations

They’re looking for feedback on-campus and online Look, you’re smart. So much so that your resumé includes that obligatory “skilled with Microsoft Excel” bullet. But if you’re a real keener you’ll add that you penned in a budget consultation session with the Kwantlen Student Association, just to see some real-life spreadsheets. The KSA is steadily... Continue Reading

Tory Ed Fast retains his seat in historically-Conservative Abbotsford

No one cried over the numbers at the election night party in Conservative Ed Fast’s campaign office. They at least had one win to smile at. But there were tears in the true blue hearts of Tory supporters across the nation, as the Red Wave washed over Canada on Oct. 19. So ends the decade,... Continue Reading

A Run-Down of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP)

Ambitious free trade agreement implicates dairy farmers, and possibly public policy The Trans-Pacific Partnership shortens the stretch of Canada’s hand into foreign markets, and the reach of foreign hands into Canada, too. But the new free-trade agreement between Canada and 11 other nations includes provisions beyond basic trade that have critics denouncing TPP as pro-corporate... Continue Reading

KSA’s resolutions of continuing effect

Snapshots of time and democracy Sometimes, you’ll walk by the Surrey conference centre in Cedar building and the smell of pizza will waft into the hallway, enticing your arteries to say, “Why yes, I would love a pulmonary embolism this afternoon.” But sometimes, it’ll be a trap into a democratic process that you’ll be too... Continue Reading

Which way will the vote swing?

Riding dynamics explained, through last election Surrey, Richmond, and Langley have all voted, historically, in a mostly Tory-blue hue that’s visible from outer space. No really, Google Maps-it. But that’s not saying there aren’t some splashes of orange and red. The KPU Surrey campus, for example, happens to be in a riding which was a... Continue Reading
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KPU students hear NDP party platforms at meet-and-greet

Candidates talk climate change, aboriginal issues, mental health and more The meet-and-greet at the Grassroots on Sept. 29 featured a revolving door of NDP candidates coming in and out for meetings, but KPU students still got to hear and ask about the NDP platform. The event was the second of the candidate meet-and-greet series organized... Continue Reading
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Blacksmithing courses prepare KPU students for knighthood

Course completion grants gloves of +2 forging Students will strike the anvil this fall in two blacksmithing courses offered at Cloverdale campus, both surely intended to prepare Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s armoury for the great war. The trades faculty assert that modern blacksmithing applications will be imparted upon pupils at the smithy. “Blacksmithing has stepped into... Continue Reading
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Explainer: UBC’s Academic Freedom Crisis

Faculty member’s blog post critical of BOG director opens up old and new wounds On Aug. 8, UBC professor Jennifer Berdahl posted to her blog critiques of the upper echelons of UBC administration who, after berating Berdahl for piping up, have ironically landed the school in a spotlight that UBC was trying to avoid. Berdahl... Continue Reading
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Explainer: Proposed TWU law school wants justice

B.C. Supreme court judges hearing their appeal Trinity Western University (TWU) is still seeking to reverse the B.C. law society’s 2014 refusal to accredit their proposed law school. The refusal is mainly based on the evangelical Christian school’s covenant, which students must sign, that states that marital sex is allowed solely between a man and... Continue Reading

Shifting to Revolutionary Feminism

Women’s liberation event touches on the movement’s evolution KPIRG’s recent event on women’s liberation provided a substantial overview of modern feminism. The event, held on Sept. 15, was part of KPIRG’s fall Dis/Orientation series, which seeks to educate students with information that challenges traditional back-to-school-orientation knowledge. Speakers of the event included Dr. Fiona Whittington-Walsh and... Continue Reading

An Unhelpful Guide to Starting Your Very Own Kwantlen Club

A story of red tape and tennis When I figured I’d start Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s first-ever student organization for tennis enthusiasts, I didn’t expect to be reading my weight in “Start a Club” documents. Well actually, my editor told me to start a club, then write about my experience. In doing so, I found out... Continue Reading

Chinese Stock Market Crash

What the hell happened? The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) fell 8.6 per cent on Aug. 24 and then even more on the 26th, prompting investors to piss themselves, in China and around the world. That’s a massive drop of about 1000 points just between Aug. 19 and 26, each point being a per cent. North... Continue Reading
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KSA peer support diversifies students’ counselling options

Program to launch this fall The advent of the Kwantlen Student Association’s (KSA) peer support program aims to bridge that gap between hands in need and hands that can. The new program is poised to launch this Fall, and though it does connect students with personal support from approved, trained peer volunteers, the program also... Continue Reading

KPU begins pilot program to support youth-in-care

University wants to help a population of historically undercut citizens A person aging out of government care can take up to 10 years to simply get on their feet. Youth aging out of such care would have lived in foster homes, group homes, temporary receiving homes and the homes of relatives and independent living programs.... Continue Reading

KPU Slam poetry team gets new roster

Members set to compete in Saskatoon this October A measly sum of people made their way into the social justice space in Surrey to attend the second Slamapalooza team finals on Sept. 3. In fact, I was the only audience member. But KPU’s slam poetry team, complete with new faces, can anticipate performing in front... Continue Reading