KPIRG hosts counter-orientation days for new and future Kwantlen students

“Dis/Orientation” events aim to un-teach students’ common information The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group (KPIRG) insists on providing students with a series of alternative information events for students new and old this fall—information that likely won’t make it to the regular orientation days. This is why they’re calling it “Dis/Orientation,” and it’s the second-ever annual... Continue Reading

KSA student life budget to shrink next year, reducing funding for clubs

Student association criticized for still funding KPU events Clubs at Kwantlen Polytechnic University may need to find alternative revenue sources to finance their endeavours in light of tighter realities in the Kwantlen Student Association’s budget, and newly implemented policies on club funding. According to Manpreet Bassi, the KSA vice-president of student life, there will be... Continue Reading

The Marriage of Corporation and Academia, and How it Impacts a University's Operation

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Ltd. When doing work at the library, financial advisors from Coast Capital Savings typically don’t badger you about mutual funds with which to hedge your student debt, even if the Surrey campus library is blandly named after their credit union. According to KPU’s Asset Naming Policy, the opportunity to have your name... Continue Reading

Kwantlen policy student runs for Green Party MP

Former KSA exec, KPIRG director, Board of Governors member looking at Ottawa Richard Hosein felt discontent in his proving days at KPU. Calling himself an observer, Hosein has always thought that many things could be made better. He says he’s been privileged to grow up in a racially and politically diverse family and it resulted... Continue Reading

Your Student Government and You: Studies in the KSA

Just in case you forgot that you pay for a student association You know, not a lot of people really voted for KSA council members when the elections went down last February. Just under 500 votes were cast in this school of about 19,000. But we can’t really blame the other 18,500—I mean, maybe they... Continue Reading

KPU’s budgeting strategies aim for growth during period of frugal spending

How are students implicated along the way? Kwantlen wishes it had a lot of things already. Like the Chip and Shannon Wilson school of design. Or the recently approved student union building. Even though the observable universe has lots of it, space happens to be tight on KPU’s terrestrial campuses. Can’t say much about prospects... Continue Reading

Criminology event emphasises injustice on First Nations peoples

Crim class explores FN justice issues The Vancouver Art Gallery used to be a courthouse. But that was never a place where First Nations people often saw justice. In many cases they either saw jail or the gallows. Brandon Gabriel of the Kwantlen First Nation emphasized these injustices to the attendees of his talk at... Continue Reading

Understanding the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group

KPIRG still fighting for social justice despite frictions Three Februaries have passed since Kwantlen students voted in a referendum that would see to the creation of a public interest research group, or PIRG. In a nutshell, it’s a movement to influence public policies and philosophies that started in the 1970s on U.S. college campuses. The... Continue Reading

Pipelines: how do they work?

Tracking the dead dinosaur juice from Alberta to your gas tank Whether you plot to overthrow the warlock Kinder Morgan or you just want to guzzle the hell out of the dead dinosaurs in the Earth’s crust—because a meteor just wasn’t insulting enough—you gotta understand the infrastructure that’s causing all the fuss in the first... Continue Reading

Compass Card Rollout

Meet the new method, pretty similar to the old method Don’t be that person struggling alone at the U-Pass dispenser this fall while your classmates are already together, albeit in misery, at the bus stop. Everyone will laugh at you and I promise we’ll write an editorial about it, and it’ll be hilarious at your... Continue Reading

Brewing Students Keep Something Special on Tap

Trying to stay sober at a university beer tasting The horticulture tent at the KPU Langley farmer’s market on July 15 featured little boxes teeming with colourful KPU produce, but finding people who truly cared was difficult because a tapped cooler of free beer was under the same tent. It’s not just any beer, either.... Continue Reading

Bank of Canada cuts key rate in the midst of a weak economy

Loonie drops to lows unseen since 2009 In July The Bank of Canada cut their target for the overnight rate to 0.5 per cent in a move to stimulate the economy amidst steady shrinkage and falling oil prices over the first half of the year. Call it a recession, and the BoC isn’t looking positive... Continue Reading

NoKM@KPU action group to continue efforts against memorandum in fall semester

Information sessions are on the table Kwantlen Polytechnic University president Alan Davis made it clear at a public forum early July that the memorandum he signed with pipeline firm Trans Mountain will, indeed, remain signed. But that’s not stopping KPU community efforts to keep the pressure on. The signed agreement that creates a $300,000 bursary... Continue Reading
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Ninety minutes gone and one last season of extra time

Is this the final whistle for the KPU Eagles? When centre-defender Jessica Anderegg was a rookie in 2012 she received two calls on a Friday in September. The one in the morning, from her former KPU soccer coach Don Sparks, told her to be ready for Saturday’s game, assuming she’d be mostly a benchwarmer. Sparks... Continue Reading

Cuts to athletics programming blindsides student athletes, coaches

But there may still be hope for competitive sports at KPU The KPU Eagles will fly no more, now that their funding has been cut—and that means the university will no longer be in competitive varsity sports after the end of their final seasons. But it doesn’t necessarily spell the end of competitive sports at... Continue Reading