New concert series hits Surrey Arts Centre with Sarah Hagen

Coffee and classical music, a winning combination By Anna Phan [contributor] Who said classical music is a bore? On Oct. 23, the Surrey Arts Centre hosted their Classical Coffee Concert, meant to be a “Welcoming environment for people to relax.” The event featured tea, coffee and other baked goods to enjoy, and was anchored by... Continue Reading
Mike Zhao / The Runner

Gaming Guild Halloween event well received

If you host it, they will come. By Awais Mushtaq [contributor] “Please do not feed the zombies,” reads the warning sign on the doors of the Surrey conference centre. It must be time for the Dawn of the Gaming Dead, a six-hour event hosted by the Kwantlen Gaming Guild on the afternoon of Oct. 27.... Continue Reading
David Cooper / The Arts Club

Saint Joan no easy task

Arts Club takes on difficult play and succeeds with grace. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] Saint Joan, the Arts Club’s latest production, is a difficult play to watch. The cast is fantastic, but in fact it is their passionate, realistic portrayal of emotion that makes the three hour-long play a gripping, yet exhausting experience. It... Continue Reading
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KPU, Accessibility and You

Making campus more inclusive for students with disabilities. By Monica Mah [contributor] Post-secondary schools should be a place that is accessible to everyone. At Kwantlen Polytechnic University, there are a number of services available to students with disabilities, but is it enough? In their mission statement, KPU says that they promote a “barrier-free environment that... Continue Reading

KPU continues the fight for more money

Institution has a long history of being provincially underfunded. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] Long-time Kwantlen Polytechnic University faculty member and Surrey resident Geoff Dean describes the South Fraser and KPU’s situations in one word: shortchanged. Dean was the president of the Douglas and Kwantlen Faculty Association in 1985. In those days, he and other... Continue Reading

KPU Surrey’s fitness centre becomes free for students

Kwantlen Student Association chops costs. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] Kwantlen students can now workout for free at the Surrey campus fitness centre, as the Kwantlen Student Association has made it so that service is free to its members. Steven Button, the KSA vice-president of student services, says the student association helped subsidize student gym... Continue Reading
Louis Luzka and Tristan Johnston / The Runner

Came for the cake, stayed for the campaign

KSA’s Move Our Cities campaign takes off. By Tristan Johnston [staff Writer] During the first week of November, the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) ran their Move Our Cities campaign to raise awareness for increasing public transit services south of the Fraser. One of the objectives was to encourage students to vote for municipal candidates who... Continue Reading

The changing face of education

Open textbook initiative comes to KPU. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] “Every semester, faculty asks themselves: ‘What source do I need?’” Rajiv Jhangiani is a new psychology professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and a proponent of open textbooks, which is a textbook that has an open copyright license, and available for free, or a very... Continue Reading
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Storefront language becomes an issue in Richmond

Complex issue has no clear answer. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] As a municipality, Richmond has a high population of Chinese immigrants and their descendants. According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 59.5 per cent of the local population had a non-official (neither English or French) language as their mother tongue. According to the same set... Continue Reading

Let me be your wings

Passion lives on in aviation collectors in Lower Mainland. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] When Hamish Telford was a teenager, he would go to the airport with his friends to watch planes, and go around to the different airline counters and take whatever they’d give them—including timetables, baggage labels and stickers. It instilled within him... Continue Reading
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The grass is getting greener

Foresight receives $80,000 in funding from KPU. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] Earlier this month, Kwantlen Polytechnic University contributed $80,000 to Foresight, which will “fuel clean technology innovation in Surrey,” according to a press release. Over three years, KPU’s funding will help the company as it works with B.C. start-ups. Cleantech focuses on maximizing productivity... Continue Reading
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It’s Going Timber

Kesha’s lawsuit against former producer represents bigger issue. By JJ Brewis Pop icon Kesha re-emerged several weeks ago, but it wasn’t a catchy new single that had the world abuzz. Rather, it was a brave statement that Kesha released, shocking fans and media alike. If this whole situation plays out as it should, the entertainment... Continue Reading

Going Global

What’s going on in Hong Kong? Tristan Johnston [columnist] In September, many parts of Hong Kong ground to a halt when large swaths of students protested Beijing’s decision to further falsify their democracy. The central Chinese government, which has had formal control over Hong Kong since 1997, had announced that they would allow the people... Continue Reading

The “F” Word

Colouring feminism. By Aileen Tran Let’s take back the word “Feminism” and colour it beautiful. Let’s colour it until the white privilege is covered with the strength of women of colour. We need to dig ourselves out of the first and second waves because the feminism that derived from those first two initial movements is... Continue Reading

Avenue Q: A Definite Hit

A great show for adults of all ages. By Jessica Brynelson [contributor] This past week I had the pleasure of attending one of the Surrey Arts Centre’s performances of Avenue Q, the infamously adult-oriented, puppet-ridden musical. It was the show’s first performance at this venue but you certainly couldn’t tell. The cast, both puppet and... Continue Reading