Just Giver for Parkinson’s

On July 24, Gavin Johnston and wife Laura, along with 11 other riders, will embark on a 1,300 kilometre ride through much of south western B.C. to raise money for Parkinson’s disease. ... Continue Reading

Build your own board.

Skimboarding is the perfect summer answer for those wanting to try a board sport around Vancouver’s beaches.... Continue Reading

The cost of MP Hiebert

Teachers are losing their jobs all over B.C., the world is in a global recession, our health care system is begging for more money to keep up with demand and still, Hiebert, Conservative MP for South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale, was able to rack up an expense account of $637,093.... Continue Reading

Want to experiment with vegetarianism? Here’s how:

Taking the dive and turning vegetarian can be tricky, Matt Law discusses what you’ll need to make sure your nutritional needs are met.... Continue Reading

No fundings for birth control

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. Matt thinks that political agenda’s should take a back seat to women and children’s rights. ... Continue Reading

Want to talk to government? Too bad

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. He is not happy that P.M. Harper is making even more effort to censor free speech and the media. ... Continue Reading

Weight training basic: Top three tips

Our health bureau chief offers some tips on weight-training.... Continue Reading

Student election gets dirty

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. He thinks dirty politicking is just plain dirty.... Continue Reading

Why are Kwantlen students not voting?

In the last year’s general election only 555 students cast ballots, that is from a student body of over 17,000. Are we too lazy to vote? Too uninformed? Too completely ignorant to the fact that the people we vote for spend our money?... Continue Reading

Students button down for Haiti relief

Fourth year GDMA students put their design skills to the test to collect donations for the Red Cross.... Continue Reading

Celebrities aren’t that different

This past Christmas I found myself playing Scattergories with movie stars. Now let me first say that I am nobody special. I don’t act, I have not done anything worthy of note in my life and I certainly don’t have any money. I just happen to know a movie star.... Continue Reading

Flying across ravines in Whistler on dental floss

By Matt Law Opening weekend for Whistler has come and gone. Saturday Nov. 14 was the first official day of the ski and snowboard season on the mountain. Over 300 people lined up at the base to be one of the privileged few to carve the first tracks into the snow. Australian accents could be... Continue Reading