Donald Trump Lives Where Ever Reason Sleeps

Canadians are not immune to the monster of Trump Given the turmoil of American politics, as spearheaded by Republican candidate and professional buffoon Donald Trump, many sit astounded at the difference in quality between the Canadian and American democracies. Canadians, however, are not immune to manipulative demagogues like Trump—those authoritarian figures who appeal to human... Continue Reading

In All Our Songs Command

What our anthem lacks in common appeal speaks to our confused national identity When a bill which changes the lyrics to “O Canada” from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command” comes into effect later this fall, we Canadians will solidify our national identity as a citizenry obsessed with not hurting... Continue Reading

The study of Dead White Men

English literature focuses too heavily on one demographic English literature at Kwantlen Polytechnic University does not unreasonably favour white, male authors. But in order to be well-versed in the history of poetry, drama, and philosophical musings in a university setting, one must navigate the sometimes murky waters of the eurocentric, male-dominated past. One cannot—nor ought... Continue Reading

Nikki Ashton’s Honest Intentions

Her trip south may have positioned her above the mere political pawns Last month Nikki Ashton, the NDP MP for the northern Manitoba riding of Churchill-Keewatinook Aski, took her door-knocking talents south to Fargo, North Dakota to support American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. By aligning herself with Sanders, a social democrat who is the farthest... Continue Reading

Meet some of the vendors behind the Kwantlen Street Farmers Market

Where chic meets the street In the shadows of humming food-truck fryers, a cast of vendors offer you all things artisanal and green. This is the Kwantlen Street Market, a community and student-led initiative showcasing a grand selection of local products—including Okanagan cherries, kohlrabi, and lemon-aide—from all corners of the Lower Mainland. Beyond temporary henna... Continue Reading

New KPU film-studies journal challenges perceptions of field

Accessibility and mentorship help Mise-en-scène reinvigorate cinema discourse Though high-level scholarship is traditionally thought to be a solitary affair, Kwantlen Polytechnic University english instructor Greg Chan is breaking the mold with a new film-studies journal that promotes the study of film as a collegial, interdisciplinary art form “grounded in the visual narrative.” Operating out of... Continue Reading