The social politics of 'slash shipping' and fanfiction

Do fangirls who ship male characters together fetishize homosexuality?... Continue Reading
Students at the University of Victoria successfully petitioned to leave the Canadian Federation of Students. (Photo courtesy Megan Kamocki/The Martlet)

Kwantlen students petition to leave national student lobby group

‘We just want to give students the choice to decide,’ says organizer.... Continue Reading

Pro-rape sentiments blur lines for sexual consent on campuses

Chanting Halifax students oblivious to the real message.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen student plays on the fringe of acting and academia

Rachelle Tomm discusses her role in the Vancouver Fringe Festival’s FrAcTured.... Continue Reading

University disputes workplace harassment claims

McKendry ‘emphatically denied’ allegations.... Continue Reading
Former Kwantlen Polytechnic University president John McKendry is accused of (Photo courtesy KPU)

Fired employee accuses former president of ‘erratic, abusive and violent behaviour’

Lawsuit alleges that university failed to provide a safe workplace.... Continue Reading
Yasir Raja banner
KSA business faculty rep Yasir Raja was disciplined in January for "unbecoming conduct." (Chloe Smith/The Runner)

KSA business rep disciplined by council for ‘unbecoming conduct’

Yasir Raja was issued an official warning and stripped of his January pay.... Continue Reading

No-contest elections don’t bode well for student association’s future

Kwantlen, you’ve got a problem. Or rather, you could have one.... Continue Reading

Filling the Waldorf void

Venues attract old Waldorf crowds.... Continue Reading
Davis Cartoon
Kwantlen president Alan Davis. (Photo courtesy Kwantlen)

KPU’s new president gets top marks

Why we love Alan Davis.... Continue Reading
Davis Ceremony
In the tradition of the Atkinhead (named in honor of former KPU president David Atkinson, the Runner presents: Where in the world is Alan Davis? President Alan Davis runs from a menacing cropduster. (Illustration: Jeff Groat/The Runner)KPU president Alan Davis at his ceremonial installation in fall 2012. (Elina Gress/The Runner)

Kwantlen's big man on campus

President Alan Davis has big plans and big dreams for the future of Canada’s best (and only) polytechnic university.... Continue Reading
Arzo Ansary, the Kwantlen Student Association’s director of external affairs thinks the U-Pass is a good deal for students. (Matt DiMera/The Runner)

Kwantlen students set to vote on MultiPass fee hikes

Price to jump to $45 monthly if referendum is successful. ... Continue Reading

KSA discount cards fail to catch on with students

ESC program rollout faces repeated delays.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association increases executive pay

Compensation for faculty and constituency reps cut.... Continue Reading

New Kwantlen conflict of interest policy may restrict elected board reps

Board chair says policy isn’t new, but is now just better defined.... Continue Reading