Summoning (No Words) is an Interactive Soundscape that Reflects Violence Committed Against Women

KPU creative writing professor Nicola Harwood has created a safe space to feel and interact with artwork based on violence against women. Her project, Summoning (No Words), is an interactive and immersive installation created by recordings of the female voice. Summoning (No Words) premiered last August at the Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson, B.C. The... Continue Reading

KPU Richmond Continues to Struggle with School Spirit

The general consensus at KPU Richmond is that, unless you’re part of a clique, there isn’t a lot of social connectivity amongst the students. At large, university students are busy people. KPU students rely on attending events held on campus and joining clubs to get involved. Unfortunately, students in Richmond say that there is seldom... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s Trump Tower is a “Shithole”

A poll from The Vancouver Sun on Jan. 17 asked readers if they would visit Vancouver’s Trump Tower after the President made racist remarks about rejecting immigrants from “shithole countries.” 1,343 people participated in the poll, and of those, 63 per cent said they wouldn’t visit the building. Users on Yelp left derogatory comments about... Continue Reading

New Science in Action Club is Fueled by a Passion for Health Sciences

According to Science in Action Club executives Priya Purewal and Nathan Speirs, over 100 people participated in its Health and Wellness Convention in September. There, they brought people together to learn about the many dimensions of health and well-being. The Science in Action Club came into being when the Biology Club and Horticulture Club, after... Continue Reading

Conservative MP Dianne Watts Could Offer Honesty as B.C. Liberal Leader

Watts’ identity and history could be an indicator of her great leadership potential Conservative MP and former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts announced on Sept. 24 that she will be seeking the leadership of the B.C. Liberals. When journalist Liberty Craig asked about her political future for Fresh Magazine in 2010, Watts said that she didn’t... Continue Reading

KSA Hosts Workshop on “Skillfully Responding To Stress”

Tiffany Robinson shows students how to help others and themselves during times of stress In order to help students learn how to address their own well-being and provide support to others who are struggling, the Kwantlen Student Association held a workshop called Skillfully Responding to Stress on Oct. 12. The workshop, which took place on... Continue Reading

Mindfulness Helps Manage Student Stress

How to holistically handle anxiety in school If you already sense the imminent stresses of being a student, the best way to start a successful semester is to acknowledge the need for self-care. To control stress, it’s crucial to understand where it comes from. Solutions come easier once you understand the fundamental issues you are... Continue Reading