CAUT concludes Capilano University violated academic freedom

Remember that weird artwork in the library a few months ago? Perhaps you remember a strange sculpture that was in the Surrey library for a few months. It depicted a person wearing a cap and holding a poodle, draped in an American flag. The work, titled Margaux & the Monarch, is a satirical piece depicting... Continue Reading

Taming the 21st Century Tiger

A guide to handling exam stress. Ten-thousand years ago, your biggest source of stress as a human being would have been hunger, disease and tigers. Today, for those of us who are students in university, the source is exams and final projects. The world has changed, but our bodies are still calibrated to the brutality... Continue Reading

Campus Couture: KPU students introduce their spring style

As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, what are students wearing to welcome spring? We asked students two questions: What is your favourite thing you’re wearing today? What do you like best about spring fashion? Ahmed Mansoory “My favourite thing here is this sweater, because my friend designed this himself. He has a poetry outlet... Continue Reading

Graduating KPU students host fashion runway show

The River Rock theatre was overflowing with long lineups to sign-in and will call. Predictably, almost everyone at the event was dressed impeccably. Graduating students of KPU’s fashion program showed off the work of 39 graduate students at the River Rock hotel, a two-minute train ride from Richmond campus. Each designer had three outfits each,... Continue Reading

Going Global: Iran and the bomb, a history

After 12 years of negotiations, the United States mediated a deal with Iran. In exchange for reducing their nuclear capability, numerous sanctions hindering the economy of Iran will be lifted. Shortly after the deal was announced, President Obama said that the guidelines, if fully implemented, would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. “Iran will... Continue Reading

KSA executives accused of leaving private information online

Members of the Kwantlen Student Association were asked several times to remove club information from the KSA website, which included private and identifiable information of students.... Continue Reading

KSA aims to remove ombudsperson clause from bylaws

Button: Ombudsperson should exist, but not as detailed as in current bylaws. The Kwantlen Student Association is attempting to remove the ombudsperson clause from their bylaws. An ombudsperson is a third party who resolves disputes, typically legal in nature, between other parties without bias. They’re also expected to make sure that organizations operate lawfully. In... Continue Reading

Canada's subverted racism against Aboriginals

Ingrained racism needs to be addressed. Forgiveness for residential schools, disrespect of traditional lands and racism: These are a handful of the many issues facing aboriginal people in Canada today. While we hear a lot about the racism issues in America, we don’t hear as much about the problems faced by aboriginal people in Canada.... Continue Reading

What happens if we vote "no"?

Impact of transit plebiscite South of the Fraser. The last few months of dialogue regarding the TransLink plebiscite have shown that “no” voters are taking the lead by a wide margin. A March 16 Angus-Reid poll suggested that 27 per cent are voting “yes,” while 61 per cent are voting “no.” Sixty-nine per cent of... Continue Reading

Going Global: Israel is America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East

  Israel recently had a national election, with incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party securing 30 out of 120 seats in the Knesset, more than any other party. Netanyahu’s major foreign policy goal is to nullify Iran as a threat to their national security. However, Netanyahu has been testing the tight U.S.-Israeli relationship, especially after comments... Continue Reading

Fifty Years of Civil Rights

Work of Malcolm X and King a start, but we have far to go Ilyasah Shabazz has spent a lifetime following in the footsteps of her father, Malcolm X. She was only two years old when her father was assassinated by former Nation of Islam members, and she has said in previous interviews that she... Continue Reading