From the Editor: Prison education is key to creating a safer and more equitable Canada

“Taking college classes helped me forget that I wasn’t free.” This is what a former incarcerated person, Marcus Lilley, told a writer for The Marshall Project, a non-profit news website dedicated to covering criminal justice. The publication recently released “Finding College by Way of Prison”, a first-person account of taking college courses as a prisoner... Continue Reading
The school tax increase would raise Vancouver residential property taxes for homes valued over 3 million dollars by 0.2%, and for homes over 4 million dollars by 0.4%. (flickr/pnwra)

Afterthought: Crying a River in Point Grey

Since the beginning of May, wealthy homeowners in Vancouver have been up in arms about the newly proposed increase to the school tax on multimillion-dollar properties. The tax—which already applies to every property in B.C. with a few special exemptions—would increase by 0.2 per cent on homes valued over $3 million and 0.4 per cent... Continue Reading
From top left to bottom right: Melissa Kuipers, Hannah Karren, Nada Hayek, and Sonya Rez of Necking in their Vancouver jam space. (Alyssa Laube)

Artist Spotlight: Necking

A band that started as a joke between friends has blossomed into a festival-playing local favourite by the name of Necking. One thing that’s absolutely essential to know about them: the band is witty. And while each of the individual members are funny—and use the word freely to describe one another—the material covered in their... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Dilemma Season

Between finding the right session artists to fill out the sound, planning out a record alone, and constantly cranking out content, chasing success as a solo musician can be extremely taxing. This is the way that Scott Hardy, a Vancouver singer-songwriter who has been contributing to the scene for years, has been living since he... Continue Reading
On behalf of David Eby, Ravi Kahlon announced that he will lead dialogues regarding the BC Human Rights Commission over two months with individuals and groups, both online and in person. Learn more:

After Thought: All Eyes on David Eby as B.C. Reviews Money Laundering Report

  B.C.’s Attorney General and MLA for Point Grey, David Eby, travelled to Ottawa to speak with the House of Commons finance committee about the province’s problem with money laundering on March 27. Casinos in B.C. like the River Rock in Richmond have been identified as channels for obscuring the origins of money that may... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Why the Pope won’t apologize for residential schools

Many were shocked to hear that Pope Francis—widely celebrated as one of history’s most progressive pontiffs—refused to apologize to victims of Canadian residential schools when asked to do so by Justin Trudeau, on behalf of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Little explanation for this decision was offered to the public despite the debate that now... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Sleepy Gonzales

It’s not every day that an indie rock band plays at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The chances of being able to watch live music anywhere near the Surrey campus are usually fairly abysmal, with only open mics and special performances popping up from time to time. That’s why, when Sleepy Gonzales played at the Grassroots Cafe... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Consider the unintended consequences of banning ivory

At a recent conference of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Canada was one of a measly four countries to oppose the notion of banning domestic ivory trading. With the particular type of ivory left unspecified in the motion, Canada had cause to be concerned about harming the national Inuit narwhal and walrus... Continue Reading
Stephen Dyrgas

After Thought: A Post-Budget Primer on Carole James

Now that the provincial budget has been announced and the dust has somewhat settled, it warrants a retrospective look at the woman who is at the centre of it all: The Honourable Carole James, MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill, B.C. NDP Finance Minister and Deputy Premier of British Columbia. James first entered the public arena... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Getaway Van

A band that only came together last October has successfully gigged, released a record, and made touring plans for the summer in a mad dash to create a name for themselves in the local music scene. Getaway Van—a four piece with members Charlie Cole, Devon Sutherland, Derek Lionas, and Zach Fox—put out a live-off-the-floor three-song... Continue Reading

After Thought: B.C. Youth Deserve an Equal Place in Our Democracy

In mid-March, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver made an announcement suggesting that the province should lower the voting age to 16. It’s a good idea based on a simple premise: that the youth of today deserve to have a say in their future. The internet has given members of our society an unprecedented ability... Continue Reading

Going Global: Postmodern Warfare

War has changed. Years ago, when cyberwarfare became a serious point of discussion within think tanks and state departments, it was believed that there was danger in a hacker being able to shut down a nuclear plant. Even worse, there was the fear that hackers could steal national secrets and destabilize financial institutions the world... Continue Reading

Going Global: Britain’s Response to Russian Poisoning

While the American executive branch rolls over for Russia, the British have shown that foreign governments don’t get to kill someone on their soil and get away with it. Headlines were made across the world when a poisoning in a quiet English village nearly killed a former Russian double agent named Sergei Skripal and his... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Win fabulous prizes and support The Runner on March 27!

On March 27, we’ll be giving away three prizes to KPU students: a MacBook Air, a Nintendo Switch, and a designer Herschel backpack. The editors of The Runner have spent the past few months working to change the Polytechnic Ink Publishing Society’s extremely out of date bylaws, which are the rules we need to abide... Continue Reading

Going Global: India Might Be a Budding Superpower

While all eyes are on China, many people have been talking about India as another up-and-comer on the world stage. Both China and India have massive, 1 billion-plus populations, low labour costs, high agricultural fertility, and GDP growth rates above 7 per cent. There are, however, many obstacles keeping India from reaching China’s status. Beijing... Continue Reading