From the Editor: The Fets Whiskey Raid Was a Pathetic Use of City Resources

Vancouver is fraught with crises. The opioid epidemic has ended literally thousands of lives, homelessness remains an enormous issue, and the housing shortage is sending the city’s affordability into a nosedive that threatens the financial security of countless Vancouverites. This is why it’s appalling that while all of this and more plagues this city, the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Tim the Mute

If you’ve ever seen Tim the Mute live, you’ll know him as the guy who smiles ear-to-ear on stage while singing about some of the bleakest topics explorable through popular music. As a songwriter, Tim Clapp refuses to shy away from the personal and taboo; subjects like mental illness, toxic relationships, and sexuality come up... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Proportional Representation Circus in British Columbia

Decisions are hard. Democracy is complicated. Would reforming the current electoral system and instituting proportional representation help make it easier for British Columbians to elect the policymakers they wish to see leading the province? Probably. The whole point of proportional representation systems like “mixed-member proportional” or “single-transferable-vote” is to ensure that the makeup of MLAs... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Feeling distrustful of Canadian media? Stay attentive

The news bubble which many readers, reporters, and editors commonly find themselves trapped in has not become any less problematic over the past year, despite the anti-news rhetoric that continues to assail us. Unless you’re actively looking for media representations of beliefs that oppose your own, it can be difficult to find an article that... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Duck!

With a sound inspired by 90s pop punk, Duck! invites the Vancouver community to get silly with them at their live shows. The band in its current form has only existed since the end of the summer, when Jens Johnson, Sam Herle, Devalin Galloway, and David Webb came together to start a playful, down-to-earth project.... Continue Reading

Afterthought: Don’t Hold Your Breath for High-Speed Rail to Seattle

In late November, Washington Governor Jay Inslee paid a visit to the B.C. Legislative Assembly to announce that he would soon release a report on the feasibility of a high speed rail system that would stretch from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia. A part of the report apparently says that the trains on the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Universities Must Differentiate Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Wilfrid Laurier University was right to apologize to Lindsay Shepherd, a teaching assistant who was chastised for showing her students a controversial video about using gender neutral pronouns in academic writing. The video demonstrated the thoughts and opinions of an outspoken advocate named Jordan Peterson who disagrees with using the gender neutral “they” as a... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Profitability of the Alt-Right’s Cults of Personality

Thinking for yourself is hard, and it’s getting harder these days. Technology is a double-edged sword—it’s given us access to more information than ever before, as well as a platform to distort and disseminate that information without being held accountable. The internet has become a rhetorical battleground for the “SJW” hegemony and the “Alt-Right” crusaders... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson

After a year spent producing YouTube covers in Montreal, indie duo Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson have brought their music to Vancouver, and for the first time, it’s original. Following an EP of cover songs, the band recently released four singles that they wrote themselves—”Dream Out Loud”, “Can’t Stop Me Now”, “Ghost of You”, and... Continue Reading

Going Global: China’s Growing Influence

While it might be too early to call China a superpower on the level of the United States, the time to do so is quickly approaching. Recently, Time, The Economist, and the BBC all referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as the most powerful man in the world. When it comes to the way China... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Remembering Little Doug, the hero of the Surrey Strip who passed away last month

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, the man known as the guardian angel of the Surrey Strip has passed away. “Little” Doug Nickerson reportedly saved close to 150 lives during his time on the streets by carrying naloxone kits with him everywhere he cycled. His bike route primarily stretched along the two most impoverished... Continue Reading

From The Editors: What About Whataboutism?

A parent catches one of their kids misbehaving—let’s say, bullying someone on Twitter. In addition to telling him that online harassment is wrong, the parent decides to give the child a punishment. No Twitter for a week. The kid says, “What about my sister? Last week she cheated on her homework and you haven’t punished... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Late Night Takeaway

The White Rock trio’s main goal is to keep alternative rock fun Late Night Takeaway’s success is more of a happy accident than an end goal for members Mike Bremner, Miller Koop, and Ryan Robinson. The band is easy to groove to, vaguely jazzy, noticeably upbeat, and inspired by a little bit of everything. Their... Continue Reading

From The Editor: Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker: whoever wins, we lose

I spoke on a panel about media censorship that included a screening of Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, a film which, in part, examines Hulk Hogan’s secretly-funded court case against Gawker for releasing his sex tape. The event was presented by KDocs, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s documentary festival, and contemplating the importance of journalism... Continue Reading

Afterthought: “Adopt BC Kids” is the Craigslist of B.C. Foster Care

The site is an example of poor marketing that insults the children it seeks to help Last year, the provincial government launched an online service called Adopt BC Kids. The service, which is touted as the first of its kind in Canada, is meant to expedite the typically slow process of adoption by aggregating the... Continue Reading