Artist Spotlight: Breakpoint

How psychedelics sent three high school friends into music For Jaeden Engelland, Jacob Winter-Gray, and Evan Bettcher, the name Breakpoint represents a fundamental shift in how we perceive the world around us. In Winter-Gray and Bettcher’s case, that shift came after a psychedelic trip that changed their lives and eventually led to the creation of... Continue Reading

Going Global: The relationship between the House of Saud and the U.S. is an awkward one

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is the battle thesis of modern statecraft, and one often applied to the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. No great power gets away with a clean conscience, and that can be seen when the U.S. will, on one hand, completely condemn and act against the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Gohj-ji

Navin Sahjpaul’s music through loss, healing, and premonition Music as an outlet is peacefully cathartic—an opportunity for boundless expression in a uniquely personal way. Due to those purifying qualities, the most heartfelt records are often written by those going through a tough time. For Vancouver solo act Gohj-ji, faced with the loss of his mother... Continue Reading

Going Global: Russia struggles to make the best plays with the worst cards

After taking Crimea, addressing dissent in the Caucuses, and playing geopolitical chess with Turkey and Syria, it might appear that the Russian state is strong. It’s not. Turkey, which has squarely been an ally of the West and NATO for the last several decades, is becoming more and more anti-American, going so far as to... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Frogpile

Their big debut and future plans Frogpile pleasently surprised Vancouver’s local scene with the release of Jackie, the four piece’s debut EP. The record is technically three tracks long, including a 40-second interlude, but the two full-lengths stand out as some of the catchiest spring-summer tunes to make it into the city’s underground. While the... Continue Reading

How to Help the Bees

Yard Neglect And Preventative Measures To Boost Bee Population Imagine a world where corn and potatoes are your only form of sustenance. Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of a great number of plants worldwide, and without bees around to pollinate the plants we eat, “a third of our food would be taken out of... Continue Reading

Going Global: Turkey

What does a coup d’état mean for Turkey’s geopolitical situation? Editors note: The situation in Turkey is rapidly changing, and as a result, this article will surely be out of date by print time. Two weeks ago, a portion of Turkey’s military attempted to assert control over the country. While there are many longform articles... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Basement Sweets

Four youngsters talk about the importance of musical diversity On the night of The Basement Sweet’s first show with new guitarist Ben Kjernsted, they gathered around a table to discuss their music over Vietnamese food. In a few hours, the four-piece will be on stage to play an eclectic set of blues, jazz, and psychedelic... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Kaylee Johnston

Pop artist aspires to empower her listeners with new album After a whirlwind breakup, pop artist Kaylee Johnston began her journey to self-healing with the conception of a boisterous six-song EP. The self-titled record, which came out on June 3, was nearly three years in the making and formed in the midst of a time... Continue Reading

Going Global: Brexit

You win, you daft buggers In one night, my British passport loses the majority of its value. I’m mad as hell. For once, a world event has directly and concretely had an affect on my life, and in a very bad way. I’ve had the hope of living and working in Europe after my graduation... Continue Reading

Going Global: Britain and the EU

Britain’s departure from the EU would be a disaster On June 23, Britons will be voting on whether or not to remain in the European Union. Voting anything other than “remain” will be a historical mistake. This comes some time after Prime Minister David Cameron made a promise that, if the Conservatives were re-elected in... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Winona Forever

Meet Vancouver’s teenage dad rock band “It’s actually really rare that we’re all together this early,” says Ben Roberston, guitarist and vocalist for Winona Forever. The band’s three other members—Rowan Webster-Shaw, Alexander Bingham, and Cole Frizell—have gathered over coffee at Vancouver’s Helen’s Grill on Main Street, despite the fact that only Robertson lives nearby. Frizell... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Statistics

Brothers “capture the soul of old music” country-wide Darby and Erin Yule grew up in Prince George, BC, where they discovered their love of playing music together. Since then, their success with The Statistics has snowballed from writing EPs to recording with celebrities, playing national festivals, and touring the country. They describe their music as... Continue Reading

Going Global: National Defence

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says that Canada is playing its part in collective security In the last few months some NATO countries—Canada included—have been criticized for not sufficiently funding their militaries. NATO recommends that signatory states spend at least two per cent of their GDP on their armies. However, only five of them actually meet... Continue Reading

Going Global: The Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh Region Early last month, fighting broke out again in the Nagorno-Karabakh region for the first time in years, when about 30 soldiers lost their lives in a violent skirmish. This is a reminder that the break-up of the Soviet Union can still be felt in former client states of Russia. Armenia... Continue Reading