Artist Spotlight: Milkers Wanted

The hard-hitting garage rock group that’s broken out of Maple Ridge Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor Off the rails and explosive, Milkers Wanted shows are guaranteed to leave your head spinning. The Maple Ridge-made band fits most snugly into the darker and dingier venues of East Vancouver, where young members of the underground music scene come... Continue Reading

After Thought: B.C.’s New Environment Minister

George Heyman should come as a breath of fresh air for those who enjoy breathing fresh air Braden Klassen, Photo Editor George Heyman is the new Minister of Environment and Climate Change succeeding Mary Polak, who served as the environment minister for the Liberal Party since her appointment in 2013. Heyman has been the NDP... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: The Innovation Superclusters Initiative

What’s a supercluster? It’s like Tinder for businesses and research institutions Braden Klassen, Photo Editor According to Cloverdale MP John Aldag, Kwantlen Polytechnic University—along with SFU and UBC—is currently in negotiations to receive funding from a superclusters program that would potentially begin sometime early in the fall semester. This begs the question, “What’s a supercluster?”... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Casinos

Abbotsford band released “Sean”, their first single in three years, in May Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor Casinos, an Abbotsford band that has been cranking out alternative rock tunes for nearly a decade, wants you to know that their hometown “is cooler than you think.” The four piece was born out of Catholic school, back when... Continue Reading

Going Global: Brexit, Again

I’m still pretty cross about it Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor The story of Brexit has been a sad and humiliating one for the Conservative Party, and a distressing and worrying one for myself. My passport is about to lose 96 per cent of its citizenship value. In fact, the only reason I even applied for... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Mellt

New EP takes a critical look at human nature Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Dreamy pop cushioned in high-quality production is at the heart of Mellt’s new Visions EP, which explores modern society’s relationship with technology and intimacy. The record is smooth and captivating. Some tracks revolve around strong bass lines and gentle falsettos, and others... Continue Reading

Going Global: The Gulf

Why are neighbours shutting the lights off on Qatar? Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor Qatar has lost diplomatic ties with many nearby Arab countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The small state of Qatar, which juts out of the side of the Arabian Peninsula, has been accused of seemingly everything relating... Continue Reading

Decolonial Discourse: The Fatigue of Cultural Appropriation

Justin Bige, Contributor Indigenous people, especially artists, don’t have the time to educate and listen to repetitive commentary while dealing with the actual impact of cultural appropriation. In the past year alone, cultural appropriation has been made visible to the Canadian public in incidents with notable artists, photographers, writers, and more. For Indigenous people, and... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Willolux

Kristina Emmott Shows Vulnerability on New EP Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor “I feel like everything is changing, but I still feel the same,” sings Kristina Emmott in the chorus to dreamy folk ballad “I Remain”. The track is the first song on Willolux’s new record, and its lyrics sum up the essence of the EP.... Continue Reading

Massey Megaproject: A Troubled Bridge over Water

B.C. government’s lack of project consultation complicates an already tempestuous situation Braden Klassen, Contributor The province of British Columbia is seeking qualified firms for the Massey replacement project, as announced on its website on June 28. The project will see the construction of a new bridge with lanes for transit, carpoolers, cyclists, and pedestrians, as... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Jodi Proznick

A decade of stories will be told on Proznick’s upcoming record Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Jodi Proznick, an instructor in the Music department at KPU, has played with stars like Michael Bublé, performed at the Vancouver Olympics, and is part of an esteemed quartet that practices under her name. This year she will be putting... Continue Reading

Going Global: Hong Kong

Will Carrie Lam be status quo for Hong Kong? Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor A few weeks ago Hong Kong held its election for Chief Executive, the highest political position within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The winner, Carrie Lam, is friendly to Beijing—but that’s not much of a surprise. Hong Kong is famously a... Continue Reading

British Columbia Uber Alles

The arrival of Uber is inevitable, so the B.C. NDP might as well hitch a ride Braden Klassen, Contributor   It’s more or less official now; ride-sharing enterprises like Uber and Lyft will be coming to B.C., possibly as soon as December. Uber itself hosted an online petition for British Columbians to sign to show... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Dana I.D. Matthews

The creative collision of spoken word and hip hop Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor It’s easy to draw parallels between hip-hop music and spoken word poetry. Both rely on rhythm, feeling, and the pleasure of listening, but are undeniably distinct genres in their own right. Dana I.D. Matthews, an artist and poet who performed at the... Continue Reading

Going Global: Baltic Security

Sabre-rattling in northeastern Europe Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor With the potential of a weaker NATO and an aggressive Russia, Sweden has decided to bring back military conscription, while Polish parliament has voted to construct a canal in the Vistula Lagoon. Even though a future invasion is unlikely, some states believe it’s better to be safe... Continue Reading