Diversity, Representation and The Revenant

An interview with actor Duane E Howard “I had to go inside myself—go back into my past life of the dark experiences. I had pretty challenging times when I was young,” says Duane Howard, who plays Elk Dog in the Oscar-nominated film, The Revenant. Howard, who grew up in Port Alberni before moving to Vancouver... Continue Reading

KPU to launch KDocs

Film-showcase project and public forum built to engage. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] When a film called Miss Representation fell into the laps of KPU English teachers Janice Morris and Helen Mendes, the two documentary-enthusiasts bent on hosting a film-based event threw their hands up and said, “how hard could it be?” Now, the group... Continue Reading

Fives movies you should probably go see

The summer silver screen releases that actually excite us. ... Continue Reading

Kwantlen instructor’s book becomes a film

The Riverbank stars Canadian acting veterans Rick Roberts and Kari Matchett.... Continue Reading
Uproar in Heaven 3D one of several animations playing at VIFF.

VIFF turns 30, displays films for all

VIFF director says festival films from over 80 countries are “radically different.” ... Continue Reading
(Center) SAM WORTHINGTON as Perseus in a scene from Warner Bros. Pictures™ and Legendary Pictures action adventure WRATH OF THE TITANS,€ a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Wrath of the Titans shows epic battles

Wrath of the Titans hits theatres today, March 30.... Continue Reading

Safe House places Reynolds with the big boys

Reynolds is good, but Washington makes the flick... Continue Reading
His Girl Friday is one of many classic newspaper films being screened this weekend at Vancity Theatre. PHOTO COURTESY OF VANCITY THEATRE PRESS RELEASE.

Old flicks shine light on new issues in Stop The Presses!

Stop The Presses! runs from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2 at the Vancity Theatre... Continue Reading

2012 in film: the good, the bad and the ridiculous

New movies to watch for in the new year. ... Continue Reading

The Three Musketeers proves to be a snooze

Parts of the revamped Three Musketeers scream for a sequel, but we’d rather not see it.... Continue Reading

Real Steel steps into the ring

Mike Shames reviews the latest fighting robots movie Real Steel. ... Continue Reading

3-D remakes cash in and play it safe

3-D movies are waging a war against online videos... Continue Reading

Drive takes us on a captivating ride

Its been done before but it’s worth the ride... Continue Reading

Abduction fails to impress

Did they just remove the werewolf? Abduction sticks of other Lautner movies.... Continue Reading

Lion King 3D redux roarin’ great

The Lion King is back … and in 3D... Continue Reading