Artist Spotlight: Casinos

Abbotsford band released “Sean”, their first single in three years, in May Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor Casinos, an Abbotsford band that has been cranking out alternative rock tunes for nearly a decade, wants you to know that their hometown “is cooler than you think.” The four piece was born out of Catholic school, back when... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Jai Fajardo

Recovery through electronic sound Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Jai Fajardo was born into the electronic music scene. Her parents met in a club her father owned, where her mother was working as a dancer and her uncle performed as a DJ. That club was still bustling while Fajardo was growing up, and she carried the... Continue Reading

Abbotsford Hip Hop Artist Takes Aim at Street Violence

Saint Soldier’s new single ‘A Stray” addresses what can be done to curb gang culture Abbotsford hip hop artist Amrit Saggu, who goes by the name Saint Soldier, published a music video to his Facebook page on Jan. 7 which accompanied the song “A Stray”, a single off of his upcoming album Duality. The song... Continue Reading

New KPU course delves into work of popular musicians

Instructor says icons show us the potential within ourselves “We come out of the womb singing with our heartbeat; we are musicians the second we enter the world,” says Jodi Proznick, the instructor of a new course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University called the History of Popular Music. Proznick believes that music is “one of the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Comfort

Empty Alone, Better Together: An Interview with Mason McMorris of Comfort Mason McMorris lives for the little things. It’s part of what gives Comfort an ambient and immersive sound, along with their signature three-guitar setup. McMorris, Conner Elmes, and Alex Kappel each play electric guitar alongside bassist Tristyn Ginter and drummer Austin Smith-Greaves. By the... Continue Reading

Solo artist Jonah August preps for upcoming album

Expands home studio in preparation for debut Jonah August left home at 18 years old. Scraping together as much survival money as he could, he moved up to Salmon Arm, BC where he worked at a tree nursery and wrote his first record. Despite having a multi-instrumentalist for a father and playing bass in his... Continue Reading

Behind The Music: Surrey Campus’s Resident “Guitar Guy”

An accoustic set with Wonsucc Lee The Surrey campus courtyard is the closest thing Kwantlen Polytechnic University has to a social epicentre. Although KPU students are windswept across four different campuses, the courtyard sees an impressive amount of traffic on a day-to-day basis. Surrey-goers can become familiar with the courtyard’s array of sights, ranging from... Continue Reading

Khatsahlano Throws A Street Party Like No Other

One of this year’s organizers gives us a glimpse inside the festival Ten blocks, eight stages, more than 50 performers and thousands of people in attendance—on July 11, the Khatsahlano Street Party became one of Vancouver’s largest outdoor events since the 2010 Winter Olympics, half a decade ago. Just one of the many people who... Continue Reading

Scarlett Jane—The Every Woman Band

“The universe was telling us to start a chick band. And that’s what we did.” Scarlett Jane might sound like the name of a jazz singer, wrapped up in a beautiful red dress and crooning torch songs in a blues bar for a dozen candle-light patrons. Or maybe she’s the folk singer at the head... Continue Reading

Jeremy Fisher rocks the Fox Cabaret

Singer-songwriter brings melody and humor to Vancouver venue. By Yaunna Sommersby [social media specialist] Vancouver’s stormy weather was not going to rain on Jeremy Fisher’s parade when he was set to perform at the Fox Cabaret on Oct. 25. Despite the rain, the Canadian singer-songwriter put on an excellent show that left his crowd soaking... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s indie math-pop, Tommy Alto

Band reflects on their past with launch of new EP. By Monica Mah [contributor] “The way the industry is, is very unpredictable,” says Thor Vanderkam, lead vocalist for Tommy Alto, a Vancouver rock indie band. “We never expected our van to roll over, and all sorts of things, good or bad, can happen which will... Continue Reading

Harping on the blues at SXSW

Vancouver-made blues-rock duo talk touring.... Continue Reading

Hawksley Workman on music critics, his origins, and the f-word

Canadian rocker sits down with The Runner to talk life … and the f-word.... Continue Reading
Vancouver band: Thee Ahs (Photo courtesy: Kate Robin)

Thee AHs: An Ahverview

The future of Vancouver pop – it may be cute, it it isn’t harmless.... Continue Reading

Local bands feature on monthly vinyl release

Breaking norm: Vancouver artist releases vinyl – one song at a time.... Continue Reading