Hooded Fang debut turns out fang-tastic

Hooded Fang’s self-titled debut album balances uptempo beats with sweet lyrics and smooth harmonies, making it an easy listen.... Continue Reading

Tom Jackson’s Great Live Show

Held at Kwantlen’s Langley campus on Saturday Oct. 16, the Foundations for a Great Live Show was a three-hour event that focused on the factors distinguishing great live performances from good ones.... Continue Reading

Jammin’ with ginger

This is Kristi Alexandra. She loves music. She’s also a ginger. And she does have a soul. And she likes music with soul, too.... Continue Reading

Jammin with Ginger

This is Kristi Alexandra. She loves music. She’s also a ginger. And she does have a soul. And she likes music with soul, too.... Continue Reading

Notes from the Victory Square Block Party

On September 5, after a year-long hiatus, the Victory Square Block Party, an afternoon of local music, comedy, and fundraising raffles for various Downtown East Side charities, made a comeback for the weekend before Labour Day 2010.... Continue Reading

No Fun City fights “the war on fun” at Rickshaw

Vancouver knows how to throw a party, but whether or not those parties are legal is another issue. Themes of DIY culture, loud music and illegal venues were explored at the encore screening of documentary “No Fun City” on Sept. 4 at the Rickshaw Theatre.... Continue Reading

Album reviews: A throw back to early Death Cab

Anacortes band, The Lonely Forest, is something of a phenomenon in the Seattle scene right now. Hell, they’ve even attracted the attention of Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, who signed them to his Warner Music/Independent Label Group imprint, Trans. Listening to their self-titled debut release, I can see why.... Continue Reading

Album reviews: Healy album sounds like singles

Former Travis frontman Fran Healy’s debut solo album, Wreckorder, is a nice attempt to get away from his radio-friendly roots, but his pop-rock past still haunts this 10-track disc.... Continue Reading

Jammin' with Ginger: New technology, old-time blues

People are in love with nostalgia. Young people love to prove how much they know about things that happened years before they were actually aware of them (Yeah, you’re the world’s biggest Pavement fan. You’ve been following the band’s career since you were three. Very likely.), all while excluding those who were around during that time (“Yeah right, Mom. You don’t even know who Stephen Malkmus is!”).... Continue Reading

Tigers? In Arizona? Preposterous!

If you haven’t heard of Miniature Tigers thus far, you’ll know exactly who they are in the near future.... Continue Reading

Rudd thankful for “good-hearted” fans

Despite having a new album out and a new band to tour with, Xavier Rudd is doing more of what he’s good at: playing music.... Continue Reading

Festival fever: Sasquatch in review

The Runner headed down to Washington to catch Sasquatch! the season’s first attempt at combining music, art and throngs of people. Here’s our take and a few of the artists’ look at what it means to be part of the festival culture.... Continue Reading

Bowling from the Waste

As you may have heard, Music Waste was during the first week of June. You might have also heard that it’s been 16 years since the first event titled “Music Waste” took place; the name was an anti-corporate play off the music industry showcase New Music West.... Continue Reading

DJ story

Only 18-years-old, producer Kthx has already cut his teeth in the music biz, having been featured on a k-os album. However, the young producer is still modest about his success.... Continue Reading

To fill your festival duffel bag

Your festival survival guide. To help you survive. Duh.... Continue Reading