Past and Present KPU Brewing Students Collaborate on New Line of Beers

As if beer wasn’t already glorious enough, the work being done at KPU’s brewery just made it a bit more enticing. The Alumni Collection Series is a new line of beers developed by students in the Brewing and Brewery Operations program working in collaboration with six of the program’s graduates. Alek Egi, an instructor in... Continue Reading

Training of the Shrew Thinks Outside the Box(ing Ring)

One line from William Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew—”Knock, sir! Whom should I knock? Is there a man has rebused your worship?”—began it all. “‘Whom should I knock, sir?’— and all of a sudden I pictured boxing gloves,” says Fred Ribkoff, an instructor at KPU as well as the co-director and co-writer of Training of... Continue Reading

Professors Who Are Arrested for Political Activism Have Limited Job Protection

Despite the recent court ruling against the Trans Mountain pipeline proposal, the controversy surrounding the project rages on. Anti-pipeline protesters continue to demonstrate against the project, and more and more people, including university professors, are joining the picket line to voice their frustrations. In June, Susan Lambert, a retired teacher-librarian for the Burnaby School District... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild Hosts Chapbook Making Workshop

The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild, a club for writing students at KPU, hosted a chapbook-making workshop with Surrey-based poet Kevin Spenst on Aug. 20. Chapbooks are small paperback booklets which typically contain self-published poems or short fiction. Making and distributing them is an inexpensive way for emerging writers to publish their work. Jennifer Pham, the... Continue Reading

Beyond the Pages: A Look at Pulp Magazine’s Latest Issue

Pulp Magazine, the KPU student-run literature and arts publication, has offered readers a colourful and diverse showcase of poetry, prose, and visual artwork since its launch in 2012. The magazine’s latest issue—its 16th overall, published just in time for the fall semester—came together through the collaborative effort of a brand new team of editors from... Continue Reading

B.C. Beats Other Provinces in UFO Sightings

In the 2017 Canadian UFO Survey, B.C. has the highest percentage of “high reliable” UFO sightings among provinces with over 50 annual sightings. Out of the 128 sightings in British Columbia last year, nearly 10 per cent were categorized as high reliable sightings, which is five per cent higher than the national average. The information... Continue Reading

Hot Festivals to Attend this August

Summer is almost over, and for a lot of us that means that it’s time to panic. Having spent most of July thanking my lucky stars that summer had finally rolled around, I neglected to take part in all the festivities that make for a memorable staycation. Fortunately, August in Greater Vancouver has something fun... Continue Reading

KPU Vegan Club Extends Summer Outreach

KPU’s vegan advocacy club is extending its outreach efforts to students who are looking to get involved with animal rights activism, veganism, or vegetarianism. In late July, Richard Macmillan, the head of the Let’s Be Compassionate club, handed out vegan cupcakes to interested students. He believes that when students are exposed to a tasty variety... Continue Reading
Abubakar Khan is the face of The Chosen Khan, a collective of community members and advocates from Metro Vancouver. (Alyssa Laube)

The Chosen Khan Advocates for Empathy in Surrey

Abubakar Khan, known more famously on social media as The Chosen Khan, grew up surrounded by empaths, immigrants, and activists. His great uncle built the first mosque in B.C. His grandfather pulled together the multicultural community in Greater Vancouver and witnessed the Komagata Maru incident. And when it came for Khan’s time to get involved... Continue Reading
Meet the new mascot for KSA Pride designed by Nicola Kwit!

Meet Q, Pride Kwantlen’s New Mascot

LGBTQ+ students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are welcoming the newest member of the Pride collective to the community. From now on, Q the Yeti will be the official mascot of the Pride Kwantlen collective. Joseph Thorpe, the Kwantlen Student Association’s queer students representative, says that Q is a welcome replacement for the old Pride logo.... Continue Reading
Kathy Dunster is hoping to "re-indigenize" the area around Logan Creek with edible or medicinal plant life. (Amei-lee)

Horticulture Instructor Receives $25,000 to Restore Langley Forest

Kathy Dunster, an instructor in KPU’s horticulture department, has received a grant of $25,000 from CN EcoConnexions for the completion of the Logan Creek Integrity Project. The project is aimed at repairing the damage that has been done to the area around Logan Creek from buildings, road structures, and invasive plants seeded during the early... Continue Reading
Promotional art for Inderveer Sodhi's film Monster. (Submitted)
Promotional art for Inderveer Sodhi's film Monster. (Submitted)

Surrey-Based Filmmaker’s New Movie Isn’t Your Typical Gangster Flick

Inderveer Sodhi, a 20 year-old director and music composer from Surrey, is set to begin work on his first feature film in a few months. The film, Monster, will follow a night in the lives of several Surrey teenagers who find themselves caught up in the world of crime and gang violence after finishing high... Continue Reading
(Lincoln Saugstad)

Anthropology Department Offers KPU’s First Ethnographic Field Studies Course

Students enrolled in KPU’s Ethnographic Field Studies course, which is being offered for the first time ever this summer, will be volunteering alongside community organizations in Surrey to better understand how homelessness influences the use of public space. Ethnographic research typically involves immersing oneself in a cultural group or environment different to one’s own in... Continue Reading
New KPU Multifaith Centre chaplain Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi. (Braden Klassen)
New KPU Multifaith Centre chaplain Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi. (Braden Klassen)

Multi-Faith Centre Welcomes Two New Chaplains

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s multi-faith centre has expanded its services to students by recently inviting two new chaplains to join the team. Even though Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi and Pastor Christoph Reiners have only been a part of the Multi-Faith Centre for a few weeks, both chaplains say they are excited to start offering guidance to students... Continue Reading

Strong Women Paved the Way to Graduation for KPU Student Rimi Afroze

For recent KPU graduate Rimi Afroze, taking part in spring convocation signified “a triumph for many girls and women who still think that they are lesser than men.” In her home country, which she chose to leave unnamed, Afroze faced ostracism and misogyny as she pursued her education. She recalls being escorted to school every... Continue Reading